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Conditional postback

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What is a conditional postback?

It’s a rule you set for sending the conversion data back to your traffic source.
Some affiliate networks allow tracking several conversion events (sign-up, deposit, pending, approved lead) and sending us this data in the postback URL or conversion tracking pixel. But if you work with CPA campaigns, you need to send only the paid leads to your source of traffic. At the same time, it might be useful to receive all possible conversion events as it is useful for a better analysis.
In this case, a conditional postback is the best option.

Conditional postback can be set based on conversion statuses and conversion types.

Conversion statuses

Currently, we support four statuses for conversions:
“pending” (decision in the process, request status later);
“approved” (paid);
“declined” (not paid);
“other” (anything else)

Default conversion status is set in your offer source settings. But at the same time, you can set different statuses in the postbacks used on your affiliate network side. Once you did it, the conversion status will be displayed in the RedTrack conversion logs.

If chosen, the postback only for the target conversion status will be sent:

Conversion types

Suppose you are working with various conversion types (in RedTrack, you can have up to 11 different conversion types). In that case, using a conversion type filter in a conditional postback is the best option.

Conversion types are set in your account -> tools -> conversion tracking -> conversion types. They work the same way as regular conversions: different types are received automatically from your affiliate network via the postback URL and “type” macro. Once received, conversions are grouped by types within separate columns in your reports.

If chosen, the postback only for the target conversion type will be fired:

Important note! Conditional postback is the sort of filtering – if you choose both conversion status and conversion type at the same time, the postback will be fired only when 2 of those conditions are met.

Conversion API

The same as with the S2S, API integration also allows sending only chosen conversion types to Google, Facebook or Bing. It works the same way. Just set the condition in the Integration postback field.

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