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Dynamic parameters: CTA button

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What does tracking Landing page click parameters mean?

For affiliate marketers who need to test various complex funnels RedTrack provides an opportunity to track landing page click parameters in case your strategy includes variations of landing pages when the address of the page (URL) stays the same. This feature will help you identify which variation of your landing page brings more traffic.

This feature usually works out for the scenario Lander->Offer.

How do I apply this feature?

1. Go to our Landing page

2. Right-click on it and choose the option View page source:

3. In the page code after the /click insert the parameter (e.g. sub9) and the name of your landing page variation (e.g. variation):

Extremely important!

I. Choose only empty Traffic source subs which aren’t filled in with any parameters. On the screen above it’s Facebook where sub 9 and sub 15 parameters are empty:

II. It’s called a “variation” only in our example, you can name your landing page variations as you wish and add them in accordance with the quantity. It should be made to identify LP clicks from these variations later on in the report.

III. Remember to put the correct signs in the code. Meaning, separate /click with “?“, put “=” after subs and separate the parameters with “&“. Example: /click?sub9=variation1&sub15=variation2.

4. (optional) If you need the variation to be added to your Offer act as follows:

4.1 go to Offers->choose the needed one and press Edit:

4.2 add the subs (where you decided to put variations) to the URL field:

How do I check the results for landing page variations?

To check out the LP clicks on a concrete Landing page variation in the report act as follows:

1. On the main menu go to the Campaigns section and choose the one where you altered your Landing page variations. Press the Report button next to it:

2. Filter the report by the needed Date and the grouping to choose the needed Sub. Once the filters are chosen, press Apply / Refresh: