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20+ traffic channels supported with API integrations

Blacklist placement

What blacklist placement option stands for?

Since in RedTrack we have extended API integrations with a set of traffic sources, there is an option to pause different elements on the traffic source side. RedTrack allows pausing not only the entire campaign but ad placements in your traffic source account. Like that you will not spend more money on non-converting creatives, placements or even campaigns.

Make sure your target traffic source is integrated with RedTrack. This can be checked here. After you integrate your source of traffic, you can proceed with setting the rule for blacklisting the placement.

1. To activate placement blacklisting for a particular campaign, go to your RedTrack account -> Campaign automation rules settings:

2. Select “Placement” as the target

3. Choose the conditions that you want to set for your campaign, select an action type that will be executed and save the rule:

Every five minutes the rules analyze the reported data. When the reported data matches criteria set in conditions, this ad creative is paused in your traffic source account.