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What are Tags in RedTrack?

By Tags in RedTrack are meant special symbols (emojis) or a text added to the RT entities (Campaigns, Offers) in order to distinguish them from / relate them to each other, or emphasize some of them:

Specifics of Tags:

  • they are added to Campaigns, Offers and tracked by the same principle;
  • can be added in both cases: when creating a new entity or editing an already existing (added) one;
  • you can add either some text or an emoji, or you can add both, they can work together as well as independently from each other.

How do I apply Tags?

Let’s see how the Tags work on the example of the already created Campaign:

1. On the main RedTrack menu navigate to Campaigns->next the needed Campaign press Edit:

2. Scroll down to the section Extra and press Show more:

3. Under the Text tab type in your text in the field Text for tag and press the button Add text tag:

4. Under the Icon tab choose the desired emoji and press the Add icon tag button:

5. Once you’ve added the needed tags: text and emoji, they will appear under the Tags selected field. To apply the changes to your Campaign press Save changes:

6. In order to see the added tags in your Campaigns overwiew you need to add the Tags column to your viewboard. To do that go to Columns:

7. Once you’ve saved the changes, the chosen Tags will appear next to the Campaign in the Tags column:

8. To find a certain Campaign by the tag choose the name of the emoji or the added text from the Tags filter or type it in there and press Apply / Refresh: