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AppsFlyer and RedTrack

AppsFlyer is a mobile advertising attribution solution that helps marketers pinpoint their targeting, optimize their ad spend, and boost ROI. AppsFlyer helps you keep track of all app-related events that are generated by clients.

When working with AppsFlyer you should know that this tool:

  • requires you to submit your app and install their SDK in your app. This piece of code will ping AppsFlyer and send data. There are two types of events recognized by AppsFlyer: app install and in-app events. The first one occurs when a visitor downloads and installs an app. The second event type occurs on occasions defined in the SDK, such as reaching a certain level in a game or making an in-app purchase.
  • supports various media sources, such as Self-Reporting Networks (SRNs) (e.g. Google or Facebook), Owned media, and Attribution links.
  • requires knowing some basics before integrating with another tool. Click here to learn more on how to get started with AppsFlyer.
The guide below will be dedicated to integration between RedTrack and AppsFlyer for tracking Android based apps. The solution for IOS is being elaborated at the moment.

Integration steps

Setup in AppsFlyer

Setup in RedTrack