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Pre-set tracking templates (UTMs) for best results

CrakRevenue and RedTrack

CrakRevenue is an international and industry-leading CPA Network specializing in web traffic monetization and online marketing solutions.

To integrate CrakRevenue with RedTrack act as follows:

1. Add CrakRevenue template to RedTrack.

Go to the Offer Sources -> New  -> find CrakRevenue​  -> Add the template:

2. The postback link for CrakRevenue will be automatically added to the template. Copy the postback link from the template and click Save:

3. Obtain an offer URL in CrakRevenue.

Log into your CrakRevenue account and open Offers tab. Choose the desired offer and click the Agree button to confirm your choice.
Your offer link will be generated automatically. However, it needs to be modified in order to enable tracking. Open Link Customization section and add the “{clickid}” parameter to the Sub ID 1 field. Your link will get updated and available for copying.

4. Set the postback in CrakRevenue.

Click to expand the Postback Options section of the menu. Choose your tracking goal and paste the postback URL template you copied from RedTrack into the corresponding field. Click Create Postback to save the link. The setup should look like this:

CrakRevenue also supports Global Postback. If you don’t want to put your Postback URL every time you set up a new offer, please contact your CrakRevenue affiliate manager and to add your Global Postback. A Global Postback link will be the same: https://your.domain.com/postback?clickid={aff_sub}

5. Creating an Offer in RedTrack

Copy your CrakRevenue tracking link and go back to RedTrack -> open the Offers tab -> click New -> fill in the details -> specify CrakRevenue as your source -> add the “tracking link” as an offer URL -> click Save: ​