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Smarlinks / Auto-optimisation

Tonic (affiliate network) and RedTrack

Tonic offers clients the proper tooling to efficiently monetize Native, Social, Search, Display & Direct Website traffic with the world’s largest search feed. Integration

DomainActive and RedTrack

Domain Active works with the top advertisers and networks within the digital media industry and provides a full suite of optimization solutions to monetize their websites, traffic, and domain portfolios. Integration

BuyGoods and RedTrack

BuyGoods is a sales platform for tracking, analytics, reporting, and advertiser management. Integration

MaxWeb and RedTrack

MaxWeb is a self-service performance marketing affiliate network that specializes in maximizing results for both affiliates and advertisers. Integration

MyLead and RedTrack

MyLead is a comprehensive platform offering a variety of partner programs. It uses various cost models and provides offers from almost all verticals. To integrate MyLead with RedTrack act as follows: 1. Add MyLead template to RedTrack. Go to Offer

Gasmobi and RedTrack

Gasmobi‘s mission is to provide the best connection between high-quality traffic and top offers. The best environment possible is created for Publishers to reach top EPCs and skyrocket their earnings, and for Advertisers to get quality leads. To integrate Gasmobi

Masters in Cash and RedTrack

Masters in Cash has the best-converting in-house developed dating and chat offers for the entertainment industry. 30+ geo, weekly new offers with fresh databases, and experienced affiliate managers willing to walk the extra mile To integrate Masters in Cash with

CJ Affiliate and RedTrack

CJ Affiliate is one of the world’s largest and oldest affiliate networks which specializes in pay-for-performance programs and is part of a Fortune 500 company called Alliance Data Systems. To integrate CJ Affiliate with RedTrack act as follows: 1. Add

TopOffers and RedTrack

TopOffers provides access to more than 2000 offers, covering over 150 GEOs. The network’s database of exclusive offers showcases the most lucrative offer types in such verticals as Dating, Sweepstakes, and Crypto. To integrate TopOffers with RedTrack act as follows:

digistore24 and RedTrack

digistore24 is a platform for transforming the world of online business through automation and conversion optimization. Integration

Clickdealer and RedTrack

Clickdealer is a GDM Group company, that provides performance marketing solutions for publishers, advertisers, and agencies worldwide. The company offers a comprehensive range of advertising services to fit any specific set of KPIs for its clients. To integrate it with

Natifico and RedTrack

Natifico unites professional affiliates, high-quality traffic sources, and reliable advertisers. They operate based on CPI and CPL models and launch downloads, extensions, installs, sweepstakes, casino, dating, and game offers. To integrate Natifico with RedTrack act as follows: 1. Add Natifico

Lemonads and RedTrack

Lemonads is based on a strong reputation in audience monetization and affiliate marketing. To integrate Lemonads with RedTrack act as follows: 1. Go to your RedTrack account (If you are not registered, here is the link to the sign-up form)

LetsCPA and RedTrack

LetsCPA (aka Outbidco) is a sweepstake-focused affiliate network promoting both SOI and CC Submit offers worldwide.  To integrate this network with RedTrack act as follows: 1. Add LetsCPA template to RedTrack. Go to Offer Sources -> New > find LetsCPA -> Add the

MaxBounty and RedTrack

MaxBounty is a world-leading performance-based CPA network that specializes in maximizing the ROI of our clients. Our goal is to provide the best service possible to both affiliates and advertisers by creating a seamless, global online marketing experience. We aim

BillyMob and RedTrack

Billy Mobile is the leading affiliate platform, successfully shrinking the divide between advertisers and publishers. Media buyers from across the globe can benefit from Billy’s self-service platform, boasting a premium inventory of 6,000+ CPA, CPL and CPI campaigns.  To integrate

YTZ and RedTrack

YTZ is a Canadian performance agency that specializes in monetizing mobile and web traffic. They partner with affiliates and networks from all over the world to monetize international traffic using our highly optimized rotator links and exclusive campaigns. With coverage

LeadBit and RedTrack

Leadbit is a direct advertiser in Europe, Asia, and a worldwide affiliate network.  To integrate Leadbit with RedTrack act as follows: 1. Add Leadbit template to RedTrack. Go to Offer Sources -> New > find Leadbit -> Add the template:   2. The postback

AdCombo and RedTrack

AdCombo is an innovative CPA network that provides the best payout rates with high conversion offers and landing pages. The company was founded in 2014 but already has established itself as an effective and trustworthy affiliate network. They have really

CrakRevenue and RedTrack

CrakRevenue is an international and industry-leading CPA Network specializing in web traffic monetization and online marketing solutions. To integrate CrakRevenue with RedTrack act as follows: 1. Add CrakRevenue template to RedTrack. Go to the Offer Sources -> New  -> find CrakRevenue​ 

AIVIX and RedTrack

AIVIX is the finance affiliate program in affiliate marketing. It works with direct and verified advertisers, can offer great conditions on the market for your traffic source, promotion, and profits. The AIVIX Affiliate Network distributes your traffic to advertisers based

Monetizer and RedTrack

Afflow/Monetizer challenges their clients to find a solution that provides a higher eCPM than theirs. Monetizer is a one stop shop helping publishers, traffic sources & networks monetize their global untargeted mobile and web inventory. They have built a portfolio

lospollos with RedTrack

lospollos help publishers improve conversions and profits while saving them millions of work hours.  To integrate lospollos with RedTrack act as follows: 1. Add Los Pollos template to RedTrack. Go to Offer Sources -> New > find Los Pollos -> Add the template:

Zorka.Network and RedTrack

Zorka.Network is an affiliate network by global creative mobile performance agency Zorka.Mobi. The network specializes in direct CPI offers worldwide: games, shopping, gambling, software & services, utilities, travel, social, education, entertainment, etc. To integrate Zorka.Network with RedTrack act as follows:

Adtrafico and RedTrack

Adtrafico is one of the leading affiliate networks based in the UK. The revenue models of this network are CPA, CPL and CPS. They support both mobile and desktop traffic, and this network’s software is managed by Hasoffers. Adtrafico reviews

KMA.biz and RedTrack

KMA.BIZ is the marketing and advertising company for promoting Offers. To integrate MKA.BIZ with RedTrack act as follows: 1. Add kma.biz template to RedTrack. Go to Offer Sources -> New > find kma.biz -> Add the template: You may add additional macros to the postback

Everad and RedTrack

Everad is a supplier of offers in the Health & Beauty vertical. As a direct advertiser, Everad works with affiliates without intermediaries and can provide very profitable terms. Thanks to their expertise in Nutra vertical and control of all business

Mobidea and RedTrack

Mobidea is a Mobile Affiliate Network focused on CPA advertising. To integrate Mobidea with RedTrack act as follows: 1. Add Mobidea template to RedTrack. Go to Offer Sources -> New -> choose Mobidea -> Add the template: 2. The Postback URL​ for Mobidea will be

Dr.cash and RedTrack

Dr. Cash is a platform that connects manufacturers and digital marketers in the human beauty and health industry through affiliate marketing. Integration

ClickBank and RedTrack

ClickBank is an e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace. It’s the intermediary between the end customer, the product owner, and the affiliate marketer helping connect every party and providing the infrastructure for a smooth transaction online. Integration