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Good for post-IOS 14.5

Zorka.Network and RedTrack

Zorka.Network is an affiliate network by global creative mobile performance agency Zorka.Mobi. The network specializes in direct CPI offers worldwide: games, shopping, gambling, software & services, utilities, travel, social, education, entertainment, etc.

To integrate Zorka.Network with RedTrack act as follows:

1. Add Zorka.Network template to RedTrack.

Go to the Offer Sources -> press the New button -> find Zorka.Network​ -> Add:

2. The data will be automatically filled in, just copy the Postback URL and Save the changes:

3. Obtain the offer from Zorka.Network.

Go to the Offers tab -> choose the offer you wish to promote -> submit an application. If all conditions are met, you will be approved after a short review. Your approved offers can be found in the Available Offers tab.

4. Once approved, open your offer and navigate the Tracking link section. Enable conversion tracking by adding {clickid} tracking macro into the Ref id field. Your Offer link will be updated automatically. Copy it to clipboard.

5. Set the postback URL in Zorka.Network.

You have two options: either set up Global Postback that will be applied to all of your offers or add your postback URL separately for each offer.

Global Postbacks can be managed in your Profile settings. Individual postbacks can be set right on the offer page. In both cases, the setup process looks the same:

  • Press Add postback  button
  • Insert the postback link from RedTrack
  • Save

If you want to use multiple Postbacks for different target actions (for example, registration and deposit), you can add postbacks for different conversion types.

6. Add Zorka.Network offer URL to RedTrack.

Go to Offers -> New ->  put the link in the URL field ->  Save: