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Branded Partner portal and deeplinks

Affiliates: creating campaign

What is a campaign?

Campaign in RedTrack is a set of rules and elements that link together a traffic channel where you buy the traffic and the offers that are being promoted. In RedTrack terms, a Campaign works as the combination of an offer, a landing page, a traffic channel, a domain, filters and the automation you have set up.

The main purpose of creating a Campaign in RedTrack is to get the final link you will send the traffic to. This link allows you to route your traffic, collect all the possible data on the clicks and have the option to change anything inside without changing the link itself for the traffic channel (we know how important it is).

How to create a campaign?

1. Prerequisites for your campaign

2. Compile your campaign

3. Extra settings (optional)

4. Once the Campaign is saved go to Tracking links and parameters → choose the tracking method and copy the automatically generated values:

Use the redirect link for the traffic channels that support the redirect method, no-redirect script for your Landing page code, etc.
Refer to these articles for details on the preferred method of tracking:
– Universal script
– No-redirect
– Impressions