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Mobidea and RedTrack

Mobidea is a Mobile Affiliate Network focused on CPA advertising.

To integrate Mobidea with RedTrack act as follows:

1. Add Mobidea template to RedTrack.

Go to Offer Sources -> New -> choose Mobidea -> Add the template:

2. The Postback URL​ for Mobidea will be the following:

3. Copy the Postback for further implementation on the Mobidea side and Save the template:

4. Set the postback in Mobidea.

Go to Settings -> Global Postback -> put the postback from RedTrack to Insert your RedTrack dedicated domain (only the domain without https)-> Save changes:

5. Get an offer in Mobidea.

Go to Offers  -> apply for an offer. Once approved, open the offer and copy the Offer link.

6. Add Mobidea offer to RedTrack.

Open Offers  -> New -> Fill in the info -> add Mobidea offer link in the URL field ->
add the tracking parameters “tag={clickid}” at the end of the offer URL -> Save the changes