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Branded Partner portal and deeplinks



Yes, all RedTrack scripts are compatible with GTM.

Pro support with GTM setup is provided upon request and depending on your subscription plan.

Campaigns and Offers are not removed permanently from your account. You can move them to the “Deleted” status. That means no traffic is accepted to those Offers or Campaigns.

The path below will demonstrate how to delete and filter deleted Campaigns. The principle is all the same for Offers, but on the main menu you choose Offers instead of Campaigns:

To move a Campaign to the “Deleted” status act as follows:

1. Go to the list of your Campaigns

2. Mark the Campaign which needs to be deleted, press Change status on the menu, and choose the option Delete:

The list of Deleted Campaigns can be viewed by applying the corresponding Filter:

1. Go to the list of your Campaigns

2. Set the status Deleted and press Apply / Refresh:

Yes, RedTrack supports conversion tracking with Clickbank without any scripts and additional pages.
You will simply need to integrate your Clickbank account with RedTrack via API and enjoy automatic conversion tracking.

Click here for more info on the matter.

Yes, RedTrack supports tracking conversions with CJ Affiliate.
This feature is available for all subscription plans and is enabled with simple steps – adding your CJ Affiliate account ID and token.

With RedTrack you can track any type of conversion event: any name, with any type of payout (static or dynamic).
We support up to 11 customisable types of events.

Yes, with RedTrack you can track up to 11 different types of conversions.
Those type names are fully customisable.

Yes, you can host your landers on a CDN (content delivery network, e.g. Cloudflare)  as RedTrack doesn’t require you to place any silly PHP scripts on your landers allowing them to remain static.
But be careful with the settings, they may sometimes break the tracking.

Yes, you can use deeplinks without using the Publisher panel. However, you’ll have to generate the deeplink for your offer manually on the side of the Traffic channel. To do that:

1. Add macro deeplink to the parameters of the Traffic channel you are using. Traffic channels-> choose the needed channel-> section Additional parameters:

2. Once you’ve created the Campaign with this Traffic channel, this deeplink parameter will be already added to the tracking URL. Once you paste this tracking URL to your add account, replace the deeplink part with the Deplink URL of the product you’re promoting.

3. If your deeplink is triggered, you can trace it in the RedTrack Reports section. To do that go to the tab Reports-> choose the Deeplink data slice in the filter-> press Apply/Refresh:

Yes, you can use RedTrack tracking links for your emails to track how many people click on the links from your emails.
If you will place the campaign tracking link (redirect tracking), you can even conduct A/B testing with those links (rotate different landing pages and/or offers).

We do not recommend using tracking links with Facebook.
Use no-redirect tracking with a landing page instead.

Yes, we do not limit you on accounts paid by the same card.

First of all, check, if you have set the correct postback in your campaign settings.
If the postback is correct and is on place, check if the click id data is received from the traffic source: go to Logs -> Clicks -> check ref id column and if there is any data available there.
If there is no data, check if you receive it from your traffic source -> your tracking link should contain traffic source  macro={ref_id}. 

No, we do all the server-side work for you.

RedTrack is a ready-to-use solution.
You do not need to know how to code if you are an affiliate marketer and run paid traffic from the traffic sources to the affiliate offers.
There are of course more complex funnels where you may need some basic knowledge in coding but it all depends on your flow and the target results.

There is no tutorial on this matter as each case requires customization. We have a team who specializes in Ringba setup and can help you with your case. You can find more details in your RedTrack account-> Marketplace:

Since RedTrack monitors all your traffic, you can check it’s quality: based on the various data slices, you can always check what geo or OS converts better and simply do not use the non-converting ones.
We have more than 30 data slices available for that purpose.

Yes, Redtrack uses fingerprint for better conversion attribution.

Issue: Clients complain that lots of clicks are attributed to organic traffic, although they obviously come from paid traffic channels.

Why it happens: This happens because when users come from paid traffic channels (e.g. Facebook) they may not buy something immediately, but consider buying these goods for a certain period of time and only then come again to the website and finally make a purchase. In this case, this delayed purchase is attributed to organic traffic.

Solution: For such purposes, RedTrack came up with an idea of smart attribution (aka cross-browser attribution) which works as follows:

Conversion comes to RedTrack from organic traffic-> RedTrack checks the fingerprint of this clickid-> then it depends:

→ if the system finds the same clickdid in the paid traffic, this conversion is attributed to this paid traffic.

→ if the system does not find the same clickdid in the paid traffic, then conversion is attributed to the organic traffic.


Note 1:
By fingerprint is meant one of numerous parameters in RedTrack, such as user agent, IP, OS, browser, etc.

Note 2:
Info about paid click for the attribution is kept for 30 minutes. Meaning if the conversion was not made within these 30 mins, the system will not recognise it and it will still be counted as organic click. That’s why smart attribution may not be a fit for those selling some considerable goods.

Yes, it does, as long as Google will pass relevant URL parameters to the Destination URL.

Yes, once you create your campaign, the tracking link remains unchanged. That means you can change any settings inside your campaign in RedTrack (change offers, landers, set filters, etc.) but there’s no need to change the link in your traffic source campaign.

The main difference between filtering and blocking is that blocked traffic is completely ignored when filtered traffic is redirected.
The redirect rules can be set either to another stream in your campaign or to a fallback URL.

There is a separate field available on the registration form. If you forgot to apply the promo code, simply contact either your product specialist or support@redtrack.io for help.

A/B testing is included in the standard tracker functionality.
You can test both your landing pages and offers. With landing pages, A/B testing is possible only for the redirect tracking (with the link) but offer split test can be performed both with redirect and no-redirect tracking.

Simply add the landing pages or offers you want to test to your campaign and RedTrack will rotate them for you.

For Pro and higher subscriptions, a smart rotation is available: we will check what offer converts better and send more clicks to it.

We work with a system that allows handling a huge amount of data but does not allow to remove something once it’s recorded.

You can request for a demo directly on the website by filling in the form. Or you can write to support@redtrack.io and you will be redirected to the right person.

On-boarding sessions are managed by our product specialists – do not hesitate to ping your specialist and ask for help 😉

You can find non-converting, fraudulent, or bot traffic easily with the help of your reports, where you can have a full and detailed picture of all your traffic building complex multilevel depth reports. For more details go to the articles:

We are open for cooperation. To get more information on the referral program go to your account settings -> referral program

We accept credit cards, PayPal and Wire transfer.
Contact your product specialist for more details and information on profitable deals available 🙂

The fastest way to receive help is to contact support@redtrack.io by mail or live chat available in the app.
We operate 5/8 from 8 am to 10 pm GMT+3.
Our average first response time is less than an hour so don’t worry, your problem will be solved fast even by email 😉

Use the “update cost” button available in your campaign settings.

Tracking parameters for Youtube are added on the Ad level in Google Ads. For more details go to the article Google Ads-> step 7.

RedTrack Support team can be contacted via:

1. e-mail to support@redtrack.io;

2. RedTrack Need help widget:

3. Telegram chat, which is available for certain subscription plans only. To see if your plan is cut out for this chat go to the Plans & Pricing page or contact your Account Manager.

In order to avoid cashed data, redirects to the wrong offer, etc. we highly recommend you test your tracking links in the Incognito mode of your browser.


If you suspect a bug in the system, immediately contact support@redtrack.io

“Sign up” button is available directly on app.redtrack.io in the upper right corner:

Conversions can be tracked with the help of S2S conversion tracking (if you work with a partner who supports this type of tracking), pixel (for the cases where you can place the pixel to your page code) and a postback script (the same function as for the pixel).

Depending on what your flow is and what you want to track, RedTrack can:
– track additional parameters received from the source of traffic
– send the parameters received from the source of traffic to the affiliate network
– use any of the received parameters on the landing page dynamically

In case of IOS trafficking due to Apple’s iOS14.5 changes if the click occurs from an iOS device and the user has opted out of tracking, RedTrack can get WBRAID and GBRAID parameters:

•WBRAID is used for web-to-app measurement;

•GBRAID is used for app-to-app measurement.

After the Apple’s iOS14.5 update, instead of the GCLID parameter on iOS surfaces, WBRAID parameter exists in places for clicks associated with web conversion and GBRAID parameter is for clicks associated with app conversions. The new parameters work in tandem with the modeled online conversion that does not attribute conversions to an individual user but rather offers a holistic report on conversions in compliance with user privacy. These parameters use aggregation and de-identification techniques that ensure cross-site behavior cannot be tied back to an individual user.

These parameters are already embedded in the Google Ads traffic channel template as of January 11, 2022, as for the templates added before that date, you may add the parameters manually in the very template in the section Additional parameters:

Pay attention to the following important details:

•if you do conversions in app, you need to remove the {wbraid} parameter from the Google Ads Traffic channel template in RT;

•one-per-click counting setting may block creation of conversions with such parameters as GBRAID/WBRAID in which case an error when sending such conversions will pop up.

To resolve this issue you need to change the one-per-click setting in your Google Ads account:

Check out this article for more details on changing the one-per-click setting in Google Ads.

Check out our RT↔Google Ads integration guide for more information.


It takes about 48 hours for Google to process IOS conversions without clickid and appear in the Google Ads dashboard. However, there is a chance that Google will not attribute 100% of postbacks due to its logic or additional user settings.

It depends on your subscription plan. For Basic, it’s 12 months, for Pro and Team 18 and for Agency it’s 24 months.

It depends on your subscription plan: for Basic, it’s 3, for Pro and higher the number is unlimited.

You can control it with the help of RedTrack.
We have unique clicks cap available – once set, you can control how many times the same visitor will see your offer and set a fallback link for this visitor in order not to lose the traffic.

Contact support@redtrack.io for help.
Please note that the new email should be unique (no RedTrack account was registered under the email before).

The main point here is to make sure you have pointed the correct CNAME record to us (your dedicated tracking domain) in your domain registrar.

1. Go to https://mxtoolbox.com/CNAMELookup.aspx, put your domain name to the box and press “CNAME Lookup” button;
2. Check Canonical Name – it should be your dedicated tracking domain.

If the “Canonical Name” differs or it is stated that DNS record is not found, check the domain settings in your registrar, as most likely you have not pointed your CNAME record to your RedTrack dedicated tracking domain. To do that check out the article Adding a custom domain.

It will depend on how you want to work with those clients.

With RedTrack, 2 scenarios are possible:

1. You create a separate white-labeled reporting dashboard where your clients will be able to check the reports on their offers anytime. The access level is based on their products. Nobody will see anything more than you want to show. The access is based on the products promoted. That means you can have various publishers traffic on the same offer. The clients will have only the final product click information.

2. You can share access to your account and restrict it on certain campaigns, for example. In this case, the access is based on the sources of traffic (publishers). If you want to restrict access to a particular product, this option may not work.

Unfortunately, there is no option to remove any data from RedTrack once it’s recorded.

But there are several workarounds to correct the statistics:

– You can always update the payout (it will update only one of the duplicated conversions but since you can add any number, you can correct the whole amount so it is correct). Go to Logs -> Conversions -> Add conversions -> add the click id and the payout amount.

– If you clone the Campaign, you will get clean data for this new Campaign with the same settings inside (remember to update the tracking link or the script).

You can create a fake conversion for this purpose.

1. Send a couple of live clicks from your Traffic channel with a Campaign Click URL, so we have the real click id and ref id data available.

Live clicks are needed for the postback to be sent to the traffic channel, as test clicks have no ref id.

2. Check logs to find that clicks. Choose one and copy it.

3. Paste into your browser URL of the following format:


but replace the following parts:

your_dedicated_tracking_domain with your actual tracking domain.
{replace_me_with_click_id_from_logs} part with the Click ID from point 2 to generate a test conversion for this click id.

Example of the proper URL:

4. Check your Traffic channel for the conversion.

Please note that a fake conversion can be created for testing a postback with the traffic channel only. If you need to test a postback with your affiliate network, please contact your network account manager for assistance. Some networks have an option for postback testing in the settings.

The only option is to contact your personal product specialist or support@redtrack.io. Don’t forget to provide the promo code in your message.

You can easily use Google Analytics alongside/in parallel with RedTrack, as both tools use tracking parameters that do not contradict each other. We can easily track Google Analytics UTMs and you will see them in your RedTrack reports alongside the other data we have.

For tracking Google Analytics UTMs you need to add the parameters to the vacant subs of the already added Traffic source or add them in the process of adding a new Traffic source.

To do that:

1. Go to Traffic sources->choose the one where Google Analytics UTM parameters need to be added (in our example it’s Facebook, but you choose your own):

2. Scroll down to the Additional parameters section and add necessary Google Analytics UTM parameters to the SUB fields which are empty, meaning where there are no already pre-filled parameters for this particular Traffic Source:

3. That’s it, now in the report you can filter data by a certain parameter (e.g. by utm_medium):

Go to the article Reports for more info on how to view, group, filter and download reports in RedTrack

We do provide support with migration. Contact your product specialist or support@redtrack.io for more information.

Yes, you can use the same domain for all your campaigns.

We do not offer any free plan but you have 14 days of free trial usage.
Simply register and enjoy your subscription. If you will face any difficulties during the setup, the support team will be happy to help you via the live chat.

Login issues: mobile

If you are experiencing some login issues while trying to login via mobile phone, make sure to follow the short guide:
1. Clear cache in your browser: https://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache
2. Make sure you are using correct credentials: both login and password fields are case-sensitive.

For example: if your login e-mail is myemail@gmail.com you should not use Myemail@gmail.com.

Mobile phones sometimes automatically add the capital letter at the beginning.
3. If you still cannot login – try to access the application on the desktop:
– If desktop works fine – most likely you are using incorrect credentials or previously added incorrect credentials are stored in the cache. Perform steps 1 and 2 once again.
– If the desktop version does not accept credentials either, try to regenerate your password using “I forgot my password” option, repeat steps 1 and 2 and check the results. In case RedTrack will still not let you in, contact us support@redtrack.io: describe the steps you have performed.

Login issues: desktop

1. Clear cache in your browser: https://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser%27s-Cache
2. Make sure you are using correct credentials: both login and password fields are case-sensitive.

For example: if your login e-mail is myemail@gmail.com you should not use Myemail@gmail.com.

If RedTrack still does not accept credentials try to regenerate your password using “I forgot my password” option, repeat steps 1 and 2 and check the results. In case RedTrack will still not let you in, contact us support@redtrack.io: describe the steps you have performed.

RedTrack tracks the number of visits on your campaigns. Since we are not integrated with your traffic source, we do not get the numbers reported by their system. The main purpose of tracking is to track all visits going through your campaign URL, no matter what is shown in the traffic source.

Your traffic source may have bot traffic that they are not displaying in their system but you see it in RedTrack.

1. To audit your clicks, you can go to Logs > Clicks and see where every click that comes from.
2. Analyze your Campaign reports for the different data slices to check your clicks parameters.

You may find a lot of useful information here (for example detect bots and switch off the suspicious ads on the traffic source side). You can then use our filtering options to filter unwanted bot traffic or use a blacklist.
For example, if you’re seeing some IP or user agent is always appearing in the statistics and generate a lot of clicks (>10 per day). Blacklisted traffic is not showing in the reports and is not counted towards your events limit.

3. Use our fraud check feature (available for all paid clients for an additional fee of $0,10 per 1k checks) and extended Fraud report.
4. Check your time zones in RedTrack and traffic source as they may differ significantly and cause the discrepancy.

In case only several conversions are missing in the statistics, this can be probably caused by:
1. One of the offers does not have a postback. Please check your Offers settings.
2. Your Offer URL does not contain the {clickid} parameter. Please check your Offers settings.
3. Some conversions are not sent to RedTrack.io
4. Some conversions are not recorded by RedTrack.io (connection was not established or the postback URL was corrupted).

If the reason was not related to the postback settings please contact us: support@redtrack.io

In order to help you, we need the postback log from your affiliate network with the time postback URL was called and the URL that was called.

The support team is available Monday to Friday from 9 AM  to 9 PM GMT+3.

There can be various reasons for such issue:

– Your traffic source has many/slow redirects (e.g: there are a lot of their internal redirects before the visitor actually is redirected to your tracking URL, as a result – he quits the page before the click comes to RedTrack).
– Different time zones in RedTrack and traffic source.
– Your traffic source has bot traffic (bots may not wait for the page loading and as a result, not all the clicks are registered in RedTrack).
– etc.

RedTrack records all the data it receives and clicks are not an exception. Unfortunately, we do not control the clicks amount in your traffic source and cannot provide the reason for such discrepancy on their side. What can be done:
1. Check your time zones in RedTrack and traffic source as they may differ significantly and cause the discrepancy. If this is not the case, proceed with step 2.
2. We suggest you take your clicks-report from RedTrack (it is available all the time and can be shared if needed) and ask your traffic source account manager for advice: Logs-> Clicks-> Choose the time period-> Export

Sometimes you may see this warning message once you  save your offer:

It means you did not add the {clickid} macro to the offer URL. This parameter is essential for tracking if you work with a partner  (affiliate network, direct advertiser) who supports S2S conversion tracking. If this is your own offer or you do not need to establish the integration for some reason, simply ignore it.

☛ Check out this video explaining how the Roles in RedTrack operate.

☛ Check out this video dwelling on how to use parameter roles to consolidate data and simplify reports.

There are several possible reasons for that:

1. You have filters applied in your Campaign settings that are not aligned with those settings. It can be another location, OS, device, etc. In that case, you do not have to worry as it will not affect the real traffic. You can set up the Fallback URL. Check out how to do that in the article Fallback URL.

2. You put your custom tracking domain directly into the browser. In that case, it’s normal behavior and the “Forbidden” screen means that your domain is set correctly.

3. You have Caps applied on your Offer. More guidance on manipulations with Caps can be checked in this article (Offer → CAPs).

4. Old data is stored in your browser history and cookies:

→ Here is how you can clear the browser cache.

→ Here is how you can remove old cookies from your browser act depending on the browser type:

• Firefox

If none of the solutions helped, contact support@redtrack.io. Remember to specify the already performed steps and our team will be happy to assist you.

With RedTrack you can track:

  • standard funnels (tracking link -> offer)
  • standard funnel with a landing page (tracking link -> landing page -> offer)
  • standard funnel with a landing page without a tracking link (landing page -> offer)
  • all types of standard funnels with your own offers ( … -> offer -> “thank you” page where the conversion fires)
  • listicle funnels with or without a tracking link (listicle landing page -> offers)
  • listicle funnels with or without a tracking link with your own offers (listicle landing page -> offers -> “thank you” page where the conversion fires)
  • multi-funnels with or without a tracking link (1 landing page -> 2 landing page -> offer)
  • multi-funnels with or without a tracking link with your own offers (1 landing page -> 2 landing page -> offer -> “thank you” page where the conversion fires)
  • the traffic of your own website

Currently, we support GET and POST methods.

In RedTrack events are qualified as conversions, clicks, and lp clicks. The number of events is predetermined by your subscription.

Impressions are provided for an additional fee.

First of all, check your internet connection and different browsers.
If it still does not work, contact support@redtrack.io immediately and provide all available information: browser, OS, steps to reproduce the issue.
Do not worry about your tracking as it is not affected when the interface is down since all the tracking is done on the backend.

The “empty clickid value” error arrives:

– if you go to your landing page directly instead of a tracking link, in this case, our system cannot find a click id for the click
– if you are using a no-redirect script and it fails to load for some reason

Check your domain settings. RedTrack allows you to use your own tracking domains for campaigns. Just make sure it is integrated correctly (a CNAME record should be pointed to your dedicated tracking domain).

Check SSL certificate. More and more traffic sources and networks accept only https links nowadays. For the cases where you are using a custom tracking domain, the certificate is obligatory.

If you are using some landing page builder, there can be issues with the settings on the builder side. Check if you have all the elements added.

Contact support@redtrack.io for any questions – we are happy to help you.

All those landers will be tracked under one campaign – the one connected to this no-redirect script.

But the pages will not be rotated.

Check out the video on how the hidden referrer works in RedTrack.

RedTrack offers the following types of the Proxy filter for blocking or redirecting your traffic:

→ Anonymous Proxy protects the user’s personal information by hiding identifying information about the client’s computer.

→ Transparent Proxy does not hide identifying information about the client’s computer (other than what is required for authentication and identification).

→ Hosting Proxy displays the IP addresses of users on the internal network.

E.g.: VPNs and Spytools can be classified as Anonymous Proxy type.

It helps to distribute the traffic among your funnels, landing pages and offers.
Like that, you can control what percentage of clicks will go to this or that funnel, landing page, offer.

By going to the section Marketplace you can check out additional services provided by RT. Meaning, there you can find the info on how to make use of additional 3rd party solutions to help you scale your campaigns or expand your operations.

To access this section on the main RedTrack menu navigate to Marketplace-> choose the needed solution type (App or Service)-> once you do, you’ll be redirected to the Notion space with all the needed info:

To find your API key go to Tools-> Integrations-> General:

We spread promo codes on various affiliate forums and with our partners (affiliate networks and traffic sources).
Contact your personal product specialist or support@redtrack.io to get more info.

There can be various reasons but most likely you have not set the CNAME record pointing to your RedTrack dedicated tracking domain properly.
Contact support@redtrack.io for assistance.

  • Most Facebook Ads can be updated without the risk of losing social proof, but in some cases, social proof may be reset as a result of updating the URL Parameters of an ad.
    The most common cause of an ad having its social proof and engagement reset is when the ad is a Post Ad that is using content that is not a published post.
    RedTrack.io recommends testing any changes by duplicating the ads. You shouldn’t update any live ads until you are confident that changing the tracking parameters will not affect the engagement on your ad. How to test if social proof will be lost:
    1.Duplicate the ads and confirm that the engagement data is maintained
    2.Add tracking parameters from RedTrack.io to the URL Parameters of the duplicated ad. If social proof will be lost, you will see it in the preview immediately.
The following are our best practices, but we cannot take responsibility for any lost engagement or social proof.