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Referral program

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Referral Program in a Nutshell

The referral program is the gateway for you as a customer to spread the word about RedTrack to your colleagues, friends, and acquaintances in exchange for some pleasant bonuses. With this program, you can generate high payouts for every friend you refer, and invite as many friends as you want.


  • The RedTrack Referral Program does not work for your colleagues in multi-use access (shared account status).
  • The RedTrack Referral Program is available only for active RedTrack users (hence, our community). This offer is not available for influencers, partners, and other businesses looking to get affiliate commissions.
  • Please study our RedTrack Referral Program terms and conditions document to be aware of the liabilities from both sides: you and RedTrack.

Benefits for Referrers and Referees

Once you, as a customer, decide to participate in the Referral Program, you become a Referrer, while the person you’re recommending RedTrack to becomes your Referee.

As a Referrer, you get the following benefits:

  • 10% lifetime commission from payments your referee does


  • If your referee chooses to purchase monthly subscriptions, you will also get a payment equal to their 4th month of the subscription. It means the referee has to stay with RedTrack for 4 months before you are eligible to receive this amount).


Your friend signs up for a monthly Team plan ($249/mo), so you get $24,9/mo + $249 for the 4th month your friend spends with RedTrack = $550 in a year!

  • If your referee chooses to purchase an annual plan from RedTrack, your commissions increase from 10% to 30%.


Your friend signs up for yearly Scale plan ($2980/y), so you get 30% of the value of the annual plan = $894 (in one year).

Your Referee gets the following benefits:

  • 50% OFF the first month of the subscription to RedTrack (for an annual subscription, this value is being deducted).
  • 50% OFF for annual and semi-annual purchases of the Advanced Automation toolset.
  • personalized approach with our specialist Anar — he will help your referee get started with RedTrack!

How the process of referring works

To refer RedTrack to your contacts, act as follows:

1. Access the Referral Program page by pressing the Referral Program icon at the top right corner of the RedTrack app.


2. Choose the preferred way of sending your referral.

3. Fill in the Payment details fields.

4. You can find detailed info about the commissions you have already generated in the section Your referrals.


  • RedTrack will make payments only over $100, and not more often than once a month.
  • Once you have generated over $100 in referral bonuses, send an invoice to anar@redtrack.io to make sure you receive your bonus.