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Forced publisher attribution for multi-channel campaigns

Creating an advertiser campaign

What is a campaign?

It is a set of rules and elements that link together a traffic channel and the website being promoted. The main purpose of creating a Campaign as an element in RedTrack is to get the final link to which you will send the traffic and where you will check your website performance. A campaign is a combination of all possible settings you can have per promoted website.

How to create a campaign?

1. Before you start

2. Compile your campaign

3. Extra settings (optional)

4. Once you’re done with all the Campaign elements, save it → go to Tracking links and parameters → choose the tracking method and copy the automatically generated values/URLs:

Use the redirect link for the traffic channels that support the redirect method, website URL + no-redirect/universal script + the tracking parameters for those who accept no-redirect only.

For more information on the tracking options, check out the following articles/videos:
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