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Setting Campaign Costs

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What’s a Campaign Cost?

Campaign Cost (cost model) defines the cost of traffic, not how you generate revenue. CPM/CPC is good for most media-buying campaigns, across Google, FB etc. CPA/Revshare is good for affiliate/partner campaigns and CPA ad networks. Auto-cost update feature will not work for CPA/Revshare campaigns.

Which Campaign Costs does RedTrack support?

RedTrack currently supports the following Campaign Costs (cost models):

1. CPC (stands for cost per click) is the net cost of a click bought within a Traffic source. Calculated as Cost divided by Clicks.
2. CPA (stands for cost per action) is a fee for a certain action (form submission, registration, download, purchase, etc).
3. CPM (stands for cost per mille = cost per thousand refers to impressions) is the amount an advertiser pays a website per one thousand visitors who see its advertisements.
4. PopCPM (stands for cost per thousand impressions of pop-up ads).
5. RevShare (stands for revenue share) is a set % of the commission fee paid upon conversion.
6. Do not track is the option you choose if you do not use any cost model or do not need to track it.

Custom payouts: ways of settings them

1. There are several options on the custom payouts -> choose the appropriate tab -> add your payouts:


What you put in the Custom payouts tabs depends on the Campaign Cost (cost model) set in your Campaign. Be especially attentive with the CPA and Revshare cost models:
  • for CPA cost model custom payout sums should be represented by the fixed payout value.
  • for Revshare cost model custom payout sums should be represented by the percentage.
The only exception is the Hybrid  tab where:
  • if the cost model is CPA, the custom payout sum should be represented by the percentage.
  • if the cost model is Revshare the custom payout sum should be represented by the fixed payout value.

1.1 GEO– set different payout based on Geo value:

1.2 GEO/OS – add OS (without versions), Geo and payout amount separated by comma:

1.3 HYBRID – define conversion type to force change them to CPA (this could be helpful if you work with RevShare but want a CPA model for some conversion type):

1.4 CONVERSION SUBS – add sub name, sub value, and payout amount:

1.5 TYPE/GEO/CONVSUB – add conversion type, geo, sub id, sub value, and payout amount:

1.6 TYPE/CONVSUB – set different payouts for different conversion types if the cost model differs from the main Campaign:

2. Once you are done adding to the payout options, remember to:

2.1 press the ADD button to save the added custom payouts:

2.2 press the Save changes button to apply the changes to your Campaign:

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