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Reporting: conversion path


The Сonversion Path report tab is still in the beta-version mode. Lots of minor and significant features are in the process of adjustment. Feel free to send your suggestions to support@redtrack.io. Keep in mind that the Conversion Path report is available only for the Advertiser plans (Grow, Scale, Prevail, Custom).

What’s a Conversion Path report in RedTrack?

The Conversion path report in RedTrack shows you the most popular paths users take to complete conversions. Basically, this report demonstrates you how the clients make a decision before the actual purchase (your Offer added to RedTrack).

Click here to check out the RedTrack Conversion path report FAQ:

Q: How does RedTrack Conversion path report differ from the Attribution report in Google Analytics?

A: RedTrack Conversion path report shows the data not just on the channel’s level, but on the level of the concrete Campaigns. Moreover, in the near future we plan to break down the data based on even more detailed slices (combinations of them):

  • Campaign + Ads;
  • Source+Campaign;
  • Adsets+Ads etc.

Q: Is it ok that I noticed a discrepancy in conversions between the reports by Campaigns only and the Conversion path report?

A: The Conversion path report shows only top 20 the most popular Conversion paths which were the most successful and prolific in the number of leads. The rest of Conversion paths are expected to be rolled out in the next report version for an extra charge.

Q: What’s the difference between the Conversion path report and the Campaigns report?

A: The Campaigns report shows the effectiveness of your Campaigns overall, while the Conversion path report focuses on the ways customers interact with one or another Campaign of yours before making a purchase, thus identifying for you which Campaign is the most prolific one.

How to work with the Conversion Path report?


Keep in mind that the Conversion Path report is available only for the Advertiser plans (Grow, Scale, Prevail, Custom).

1. On the main RedTrack menu navigate to the Conversion path tab and select the needed Offer:

2. Filter the data by the following slices: Granularity (source type), Conversion event, Date, Lookback period and press Apply:


Granularity is the source type. Here are the source types values explained:

  • Source – Traffic source
  • Rt Source – parameter set in your Traffic source settings
  • Campaign – Campaign which you created and launched to set the process of tracking in motion
  • RT Campaign – parameter set in your Traffic source settings
  • Page – this filter is still under development, but in the future, it’s going to be named Funnel and tracked correspondently.

Number of data slices shown in the Granularity filter depends on the type of subscription you’re on.

3. Special markings:

3.1 colors represent different Traffic Sources:

  • green – Google;
  • blue – Facebook;
  • grey – referral traffic etc.

3.2 numbers next to Traffic Sources mean the number of users clicking on this very page / choosing this conversion path.


For more details feel free to check out a brief Conversion path tab overview on YT (starts from 01:33):