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PopAds and RedTrack

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PopAds is an advertising network specializing in popunders on the Internet.

To integrate PopAds with RedTrack act as follows:

1. Add PopAds template to RedTrack.

Go to the Traffic channel -> New from template -> find PopAds and press Add -> Save the template:

2. Set a Campaign in RedTrack with PopAds as a Traffic channel

Once you have everything ready, you can proceed with the campaign creation. After you save the campaign, a click URL (your tracking link) will be automatically generated:

3. Set the tracking on the PopAds side.

In your PopAds account, go to the New Campaign from Advertiser’s panel:

Fill out the necessary information regarding your desired traffic. Insert the Campaign URL to the URL field:

4. Setting up the postback with PopAds.

Go to your newly created campaign -> Conversion Tracking

Copy the “aid” value from the Postback link.

5. Setting up a postback URL in RedTrack.

Once you created a campaign in RedTrack, S2S postback URL for passing conversion info to PopAds will be automatically added to your settings. Update the “aid” value with the real value from your PopAds account.