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Docly Child

CPA Lead and RedTrack

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CPAlead is a private lead generation network specializing in CPA offers, PPC advertising, and CPI mobile app installs.
To integrate CPAlead with RedTrack ct as follows:​

1. Add CPA Lead template to RedTrack​.

Go to​ the Offer Sources tab -> New -> choose CPA Lead​ from the list -> click the Add button:

The postback link for CPA Lead​ has the following form:

2. Once you’re done, copy the postback link and click the save button.​

3. Set the Global Postback in CPA Lead​.

​Log into your CPA Lead account and go to the Postback -> Configuration tab.

Add the Postback link copied from RedTrack and click Save Postback:

4. Obtain the Offer URL from CPA Lead​.

Open the Offers tab and click on the Offer you want to promote -> Copy the Affiliate link to the clipboard and go back to RedTrack.​​

5. Create an offer in RedTrack.

Open Offers  -> click New -> fill in the details -> set CPALead​ as your offer source -> add the Affiliate link in the URL field -> add “subid={clickid}” parameters to the offer link and click Save: