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Docly Child

Novicklick and RedTrack

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

Noviclick is focused on performance and conversions. With its advanced targeting options and fraud filter Noviclick makes sure that the clients get real quality clicks that are proven to have high interaction and conversion rates. Click here for more details on the traffic source.

Integrating RedTrack with Noviclick

1. Go to your Noviclick account to copy YourPersonalKey:

Expand to see how to get YourPersonalKey

1.1 go to Campaigns-> tab Create campaign:

1.2 scroll down a bit and copy YourPersonalKey from the end of the Postback URL:

2. Go to your RedTrack account to add the Novicklick Traffic source template and paste YourPersonalKey to the end of the S2S Postback URL:

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2.1 go to Traffic channels->New from template->find the Noviclick template and press Add:

2.2 paste YourPersonalKey (copied within step 1.2) to the end of the S2S Postback URL and press Save:

3. Add Offer source and Offer to RedTrack.

4. Create the Campaign in RedTrack and copy the Campaign URL to paste it later to the Noviclick Campaign:

Expand to see how to create the campaign in RedTrack

4.1 use this guide on RedTrack campaign creation

4.2 once the Campaign is created, copy the Click URL to paste it later to the Noviclick campaign:


S2S postback URL for passing conversion info to Noviclick will be automatically added to your settings once the Campaign is created:

5. Get back to the settings of your Noviclick campaign (step 1) and finish creating this Campaign and integrating Noviclick with RedTrack:

Expand to see how to finish the settings in Noviclick

5.1 paste the copied Click URL (from step 4.2) to the URL field:

5.2 fill in all the other mandatory fields as needed (Campaign name, type of the Ad format etc.) and press Create campaign:

That’s it, your accounts have been successfully integrated. Happy campaigning!