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Tonic (affiliate network) and RedTrack

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Tonic offers clients the proper tooling to efficiently monetize Native, Social, Search, Display & Direct Website traffic with the world’s largest search feed.

In the integration workflow below Tonic performs as an Offer source (Affiliate network).


Before you proceed with the integration, make sure to have the already added:

1. Add the conversion types to RedTrack.

Tonic supports the following conversion types sent dynamically:


The data by these conversions is passed into RedTrack via the {type} parameter in the Postback URL. However, if you need to pass any other conversion types, you can easily do it with RedTrack. Choose the way:

1. Tools → Conversion tracking → Conversion type → add those you want to use. Use this article for guidance.

2. Add the {type} parameter to the Additional parameters section in your Offer source template so that this parameter is appended to the Postback URL

1. Tools → Conversion tracking → Conversion type → add the target events. Use this article for guidance.

2. Hardcode the needed event types to the needed Postback URLs by adding &type=hardcoded_name.

For example, if you need to get certain events as Purchases, you add to the Postback URL &type=Purchase, so the Postback URL will look like this: https://docs.trk.agency/postback?keyword={keyword}&timestamp={timestamp}&currency={currency}&type=Purchase&clickid={subid1}&sum={revenue}

2. Add Tonic as an Offer source in RedTrack.

2.1 Offer sources → New from template → find Tonic → Add → Save

With Tonic, you can use the following additional parameters to enrich your conversion data:

{keyword} for such Tonic-supported conversion events like viewrt, click, preestimated_revenue, estimated_revenue and estimated_revenue_5h
{timestamp} should be added if you want the delayed conversions to be attributed to the correct time
{currency} should be added if you want to use a currency that is different from your RedTrack account
{type} should be added if you want to use the universal postback in Tonic for all the Tonic-supported events

These parameters are to be added under the sub-parameters in the Additional parameters section:

2.2 Copy the postback URL from the Offer Source settings (with or without your custom conversion types).

3. Set up RedTrack Postback URL in Tonic.

Tonic → Campaign Overview → choose the campaign → Callbacks → paste the Postback URL in the corresponding field(s) for the event(s):

☛ You have to insert the Postback URL only to the fields next to the events you want to track. For example, in the screenshot above, it’s a click.

☛ If you decide to work with the hardcoded events, remember to add &type=hardcoded_name, where you replace it with the actual name of the event.

4. Copy the offer URL from Tonic.

Campaign Overview → choose the campaign → edit → Tracking → copy the URL at the bottom of the page:

5. Add your offer URL to RedTrack.

RedTrack → Offers → New → give the offer a name and choose Tonic as the offer source → paste the URL from Tonic → add subid1={clickid} to the URL → Save

For other steps within the Offer template, refer to this article.

6. Create the Campaign with the traffic channel you buy the traffic from and the offer you have just added.

To create a Campaign refer to:
→ this guide for Advertisers.
→ this guide for Affiliates.