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Granular reporting for partners / affiliates

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ClickBank and RedTrack

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ClickBank is an e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace. Basically, it’s the intermediary between the end customer, the product owner, and the affiliate marketer helping connect every party and providing the infrastructure for a smooth transaction online. Click here to learn more about ClickBank.

The guide below about RedTrack ↔ ClickBank integration is meant for the Vendors who can receive additional data from INS (instant notification service) or Affiliates who want to track more conversion events besides Initiate Checkout and Purchase.

To integrate ClickBank with RedTrack act as follows:

1. Enable the Instant Notification feature in ClickBank

1.1 Login to your ClickBank account -> on the main menu navigate to the section Accounts and press on the active one:

1.2 On the top right menu press Vendor Settings -> My Site:

1.3 Scroll down to the section Advanced Tools -> press Edit -> Request Access:

1.4 Fill out the form, thoroughly review the terms of use and acknowledge that you have read and agreed to them. Once you are done, click the Save Changes & Request API Access button at the bottom of the form:


1.5 Once you’ve agreed to the terms of use and clicked the button Save Change & Request API Access you’ll see a message on the top of your My Site page indicating that your account has been approved for the instant notification feature: 

Click here to check out more about ClickBank feature Instant Notification URL.

2. Add ClickBank Secret Key to RedTrack

2.1 Go to My Site -> Advanced Tools -> Edit (the same steps as in 1.2-1.3 of this guide above) -> type in a passphrase that will be referred to as your Secret Key in the Secret Key field and click Save Changes:

Pay attention to the following before creating your Secret Key:
It’s important to save your Secret Key before adding anything else. For more details on requirements for the ClickBank Secret Key creation click here-> scroll down to the part Testing and Enabling Your URL->point 5.
Once you’ve pressed Save changes, keep this window open. You will be accessing it again later to paste the postback URL from RedTrack.

2.2 This phrase (Secret Key) will be used further when integrating ClickBank with RedTrack. Copy the created Secret Key and proceed with step 2.3 below.

2.3 Login to your RedTrack account, go to Tools -> Integrations –> Offer sources -> paste your Secret Key, and press Save 


Remember to press Save once you’ve added your Secret Key, otherwise, you won’t be able to verify your Postback URL further on.


3. Add the ClickBank template to RedTrack

3.1 Go to Offer sources  -> New from template –> find the ClickBank template and press Add:

3.2 (in case you use Facebook) Scroll down to the section Additional parameters-> insert the following parameters and assign the following roles for them:

Parameter Role
eventid → Event ID
product → Content Name
email → Email
zip → Zip Code

3.3 There is no need to change anything else in the template at this point, so just press Save:

The API key is inserted into the Postback URL of the ClickBank Offer source automatically. If you experience any issues with the current API key, you can generate a new one. To do that go to Tools->Integrations->General->Generate new->Save:


4. Add a ClickBank offer to RedTrack

4.1 Go to Offers -> New:

4.2 In the pop-up window give your Offer a name-> choose ClickBank as your Offer source which you’ve added within step 3 -> insert the link of the offer you’re promoting(aka hop link) to the URL field-> make sure that the tid={clickid} parameter is added to the end of the offer URL:

Click here to learn how to fill in the rest of the tabs in the Offer form (if needed).

5. Adjust the Postback URL

5.1 Go to the settings of the ClickBank Offer source added within step 3.2 and copy the Postback URL:

5.2 Go to your Clickbank account to paste and verify the Postback URL. To do that:

5.2.1 choose the tab Vendor Settings->My Site > Advanced Tool -> Edit:  

5.2.2 paste the Postback URL from step 5.1 to the Instant Notification URL field->select version 7.0-> press TEST IPN:

If you added any Additional parameters within step 3.2 (eventid, product, etc.) please remove them from the Postback URL before pasting it to the Instant Notification URL, otherwise, the link may not be verified. Your Postback URL should end with a secret key, not some additional parameter.

5.2.3 once the Postback URL has been Verified, press Save changes:

6. Set conversion types and the mapping in RT to get conversions from ClickBank

6.1 go to RedTrack->Tools->Conversion tracking->Conversion type and add the needed ClickBank events in the free fields under already prefilled ones:


Here is the mandatory list of conversion events that should be added to RedTrack for accurate conversion tracking and mapping:

  • ViewContent
  • AddToCart
  • InitiateCheckout
  • Purchase
  • Upsell

Here is the list of other ClickBank-supported events that can be added to RedTrack for tracking and mapping:

  • Sale – the sale of a standard product or initial sale of a recurring product.
  • Rebill – a rebill for a recurring product.
  • Refund – a refund for a standard or recurring product.
  • Chargeback – a chargeback for a standard or recurring product.
  • Upsell – a sales technique aimed at persuading customers to purchase a more expensive, upgraded, or premium version of the chosen item or other add-ons.
  • CancelRebill – the canceling of a recurring product.
  • UncancelRebill – the reversal of a recurring product cancellation by a ClickBank customer service representative.
  • SubscriptionChange – a product change in an existing subscription.
  • CartAbandonment – a customer abandoning a cart, if you have the Cart Abandonment feature enabled. (Avaliable in versions 6.0 and later).
  • TestTransactions – test transactions for the types listed above, or a test of the instant notification feature that you initiate.
For more details on ClickBank events click here->scroll down to the part Overview.

6.2 Once you’ve added the needed events go to Tools->Integrations->Offer sources and set the mapping (matching) for these events:

Leave the Initiate Checkout field empty!

6.3 Usually you map Purchase for Sale, Upsell for Upsell, etc. Check out the options on how to match the events by following this video.

If you do not set the mapping, your Clickbank conversions will not be received.


7. Set the tracking for the Initiate Checkout

7.1 Go to your Clickbank account  -> Vendor settings -> My site -> scroll down to the Integrated sales reporting section-> press Add tracking code:



7.2 Choose the type Tracking pixel-> Add:


7.3 Paste the postback URL in the Tracking Pixel URL field and in the Track As section select the Seller or Affiliate radial button to indicate how the pixel should be tracked:

The pasted URL SHOULD NOT BE precisely copied from the Offer source Postback URL, it SHOULD BE of the following format: https://your.tracking.domain/postback?type=InitiateCheckout, where you should replace the “your.tracking.domain” part with the tracking domain you use for this particular Offer:


→ Select Affiliate if you are promoting ClickBank products from the specific sales account you are working in. If you select Affiliate, you will receive information relevant to the affiliate process.
→ Select Seller if you are creating products for promotion in the account. If you select Seller, you will receive information relevant to the vendor process.

7.4  Check the Order Form box to indicate that the pixel will fire on the order form:

This is the option that passes traffic data for Initiate Checkout.


7.5 Leave all fields under the Order Form Event header the same except the AFFILATE_TRACKING_CODE field. Change that from trackingcodes to clickid and press Save to apply the changes:



8. Add the needed Traffic channel.

9. Launch the Campaign in RedTrack using the created Offer in your Campaign funnel.

You are all set. Good luck!