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Tracking: universal tracking script

What is a universal tracking script?

Universal script is one of the options we provide for the no redirect tracking. It generates the clickid → records the clickid to the 1st party cookie → reads the tracking parameters of the click → sends all this info to RedTrack → then based on the read tracking parameters including the campaign id (if there is none, click is considered as a direct visit) it recognizes the campaign details and figures out how the click should be parsed next.

RedTrack universal tracking script has the following functions:

  • For affiliate marketers: it can help send traffic from multiple sources to one landing page;
  • For those owning an online store: it offers the possibility to track visits from various paid and organic channels;
  • For those using Facebook, Google, etc., alongside monitoring organic traffic on the same page: our universal tracking script can track your purchased and organic traffic separately.

RedTrack universal tracking script can be of the following types:

  • default – for direct advertisers and e-commerce (for those who don’t have any landing or pre-landing pages);
  • /click support –  for those who work with landing pages;
  • /pre-click support – for those who have 2 landing pages one after another before the offer page.

How to create a script


The script has to be added at the end of the body section. Otherwise, it might fail to trigger correctly.

I am affiliate

I am advertiser