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Shopify: Recharge subscribers

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

Shopify ↔ RedTrack integration for Recharge subscribers presupposes 2 additional event types: Subscription and Recurring. In addition to the standard integration workflow, for the events to sync up between the three platforms, extra settings are needed in:

  • Shopify: adjusting the product section;
  • Recharge: editing account permissions and generating API token;
  • RedTrack: adding Subscription and Recurring as event types for tracking; adding API token from Recharge for integration.


Follow this article to integrate Shopify with RedTrack.

Without following the standard workflow for Shopify ↔ RedTrack integration, extra settings for Recharge subscribers won’t work.

1. Shopify account → Settings → Apps and sales channels→ choose your app → Overview → Admin API integration:

2. All→ Products → mark “read_products”:

1. In your Shopify account go to Settings → Apps and Sales channels → find Recharge Subscriptions app and press three dots next to it → Open app:

2. In your Recharge account go to Settings → Accounts (only store owner) → Edit store default permissions → tick API Tokens and update the permissions:

3. In Recharge go to Apps API Tokens → Create an API token → copy the generated token to paste it in RedTrack:

1. Add Subscription and Recurring as conversion types in RedTrack

Tools → Conversion tracking → Conversion type → add the event names → Save. Use this guide to help you add the events in RT.

Type Subscription counts for the 1st time subscriptions.
All the recurring subscriptions (starting from the 2nd one) go with the type Recurring.

If the order consists of a subscription and an additional service/goods, then use the following tip:
▸ subscription = conversion type Subscription
▸ service/goods = conversion type Purchase

2. Add the Recharge API token to RedTrack to finish the integration

Tools → Integrations → Shopify → Token for recharging: