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Conversions: inconsistency

How does conversion get to RedTrack?

A typical conversion path in RedTrack looks as follows: a click comes from the Traffic sourcegets to RedTrackis fixed in RedTrack as a conversion.

There are 2 sets of data where inconsistency may occur:

  • clicks in the traffic source & clicks in RedTrack;
  • conversions in RedTrack & conversions in the backend of the affiliate network, e-com, etc.

Clicks and conversions are tracked with the help of the following values: quantity, cost, and metadata.

Based on all of this data we see if there is an issue (and it can be fixed by our support team), or the conversion mismatch is a given because your traffic source counts the raw numbers, which is not accurate enough to base important decisions on.

Conversion inconsistencies: show&tell

Let’s dwell on both types of issues (inconsistencies) in a more detailed way.

Conversion inconsistencies that can be fixed

Conversion inconsistencies that can not be fixed


The bottom line is RedTrack matches the backend, does unbiased attribution based on your settings, and it is all about your overall ROI and effectiveness, not increased spend with any particular channel. So if your tracking is set up correctly, rely on your RedTrack data.  Otherwise, why would you use a tracker at all?