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digistore24 and RedTrack

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digistore24 is a platform for transforming the world of online business through automation and conversion optimization.

To integrate digitstore24 with RedTrack act as follows:

1. Go to your RedTrack account-> Offer sources-> New from template-> find the digitstore24 template and press Add:

2. Once you add it, you will notice that all the necessary fields are already prefilled, nevertheless, you can add any needed additional parameters to the template and press Save to save the template:

3. Copy the Postback URL (it already contains your dedicated tracking domain, so you do not need to change anything):

4. Go to your digistore24 account -> Marketplace -> choose the offer you want to promote and request access:

5. Once approved, you will get the tracking link, copy it:

6. Add your digistore24 offer RedTrack. To do that in RedTRack go to the tab Offers-> give your Offer the name-> choose the added giditstore24 offer source from the drop-down-> add the URL of your Offer right before the ?cid={clickid} parameter-> press Save:

(If needed) Add the rest of the data in the Offer form with the help of this guide.

7. Go back to your digistore24 account -> Account -> S2S postback -> Add new connection:

8. Fill in all the fields and checkboxes accordingly. Here are some tips on the functionality:

Affiliate partnerships – choose the offer for this postback. With digistore24 you can set different postbacks on different products and several postbacks on the same product.

For order event – select the events you want to track and see in your RedTrack account

Postback URL – paste the postback  URL you have copied in your RedTrack account within step 3

Currency – you have the possibility to convert the payout amount to some other currency on digistore24 side. This could be very useful if your RedTrack account is in USD and you work with all other partners with USD but the offer in digistore24 is paid in EUR. If you set the rule to convert the amount to USD, the payout information in your RedTrack account will be accurate.

Active – set “yes”

Email address for error notifications – could be useful in order not to miss any conversion data in case of any errors and fix them immediately.

Save the changes.

9. Since digistore24  allows you to track several different types of events, you can receive those events in your RedTrack account under different columns and thus have even more data to analyze. To do that, first set the conversion types in your RedTrack account. Go to  Tools -> Conversion tracking-> Conversion type-> type in the types of events and press Save:

Those conversion type names should be the same as you have in your digistore24 account postback settings here:

Once done, go to your postback settings and update it with the {type} macro: &type={order_type}

There are 4 different macros supported by digistore24 and all of them can be used for that purpose:

{transaction_type} – e.g. payment, refund, chargeback

{billing_status} – e.g. paying, completed, aborted

{billing_type} – e.g. single_payment, subscription, installment

{order_type} – e.g. initial_sale, upsell

You can use all of them as different conversion types in RedTrack (we support up to 11). Add a new postback for this product and simply replace {order_type} to any other from the list. One macro per one postback.

So for example, if you want to track {transaction_type}, {order_type}  and {billing_type}, you will need to add 3 different postbacks for that product on digistore24 side. The names of incoming events should match those you set in your RedTrack conversion types settings (they are case-sensitive).


The following error may pop up when you click on the “Test” button:

It means that there is no real clickid value in the postback link, so there is nothing to test. To fix it add the postback URL into the right field and save it (make sure all parameters are set correctly according to this guide). It will work once there is a real conversion with a real value.