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AdNow and RedTrack

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Adnow is proud to be a platform for over 160 000 partners, serving over 6 billion impressions each month throughout 114 countries. They work hard every day in order to improve their products and algorithms and provide the highest possible incomes for both sides – advertisers and publishers.

To integrate AdNow with RedTrack act as follows:

1. Add Adnow template to RedTrack.

Go to the Traffic Sources -> New -> find Adnow -> Add -> Save the changes:

2. Set a campaign in RedTrack with Adnow as a traffic source.

Once you have everything ready, you can proceed with the campaign creation. After you save the campaign, a click URL (your tracking link) will be automatically generated:

3. Set the tracking on the Adnow side.

Go to your profile -> Add Campaign.

Set the name, budget, and basic targeting -> create -> go to the Creatives -> add your RedTrack campaign Click URL to the Link field.

Start running your campaign.