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TrafficJunky and RedTrack

Estimated reading: 3 minutes

TrafficJunky is an innovative web advertising and digital marketing company whose mission is to improve the performance of your company and product(s) with each internet marketing ad campaign. Click here to learn more about TrafficJunky.

To integrate TrafficJunky with RedTrack act as follows:

1. Add TrafficJunky template to RedTrack

To do that:

1.1 Go Traffic channels -> New from template -> find TrafficJunky template and press Add:

1.2 Save the template:

2. Integrate TrafficJunky and RedTrack accounts

To do that:

2.1 Go to your TrafficJunky account-> My Profile-> scroll down to the section Connect with TrafficJunky API-> click the Generate New Token button-> copy the API key:

2.2 Go to the setting of the TrafficJunky template added within step 1-> scroll down to the section Traffic Junky API integration -> paste the API key copied within step 2.1-> press Save changes:

The Active button means your integration has been successfully fulfilled:

API integration gives you the following benefits:

  • Possibility to set the an auto rule to pause Campaigns, Creatives;
  • Possibility to enable the auto-cost update feature.
3. Create the Campaign in RedTrack with TrafficJunky as a Traffic channel

To do that:

3.1 Use this guide to help you create your Campaign

3.2 Once you’ve saved the Campaign, a click URL (your tracking link) will be automatically generated:

4. Set the tracking on the TrafficJunky side

To do that:

4.1 Log into your TJ advertiser account-> click the Campaigns tab-> you can either choose an existing campaign or click New Campaign and create a new one-> fill in the information related to your campaign

4.2 Paste the Campaign URL you have obtained in step 3 into the Target URL section and proceed with setting up your TJ Campaign:

5. Set up a new tracker in TrafficJunky

You need to set up a new tracker in TJ in order to pass your conversions correctly. To do that:

5.1 Open Tools -> Conversion Tracker -> New Tracker

5.2 Enter the name of your tracker (e.g., RedTrack) and set the type of events you want to track -> Add Tracker

5.3 After that, find your tracker in the list -> view in the Invocation Code column -> choose Postback URL.  Your Postback URL will be generated automatically:

5.4 Copy the a and member_id values from the Invocation code. 

6. Set up the Postback URL in RedTrack

To do that:

6.1 Go to the Campaign created within step 3

6.2 Put the correct postback values (“a” and “member_id”) and make sure that your postback contains clickid values that should look like this aclid={ref_id}:

7. Set the automation and enjoy

Use the following 2 guides to figure out automation features in RedTrack: