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Smart attribution

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Taboola and RedTrack

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Thousands of leading publishers, marketers, and agencies utilize Taboola’s predictive technology to increase user engagement, monetize their traffic, and distribute their content to engaged audiences across the web. Together their teams have pioneered a major new marketing channel alongside “search” and “social,” proving that “discovery” can power successful campaigns for companies of all sizes throughout the customer journey.

Before you proceed with the integration, make sure to have the already added:

1. Add Taboola template to RedTrack

1.1 On the main RedTrack menu go to Traffic channels -> New from template-> find Taboola and press Add:

1.2 In the pop-up New Traffic Channel window press Save to add the template:

2. Integrate Taboola with RedTrack

2.1 Go to the Taboola settings (you added it within step 1) by pressing the Edit sign:

2.2 Scroll down to the section Taboola API integration. Fill in the fields Account Id, Client ID, and Client Secret-> press Save changes:

Taboola API integration insights:

1. In case you have a manager account you must remember that the data for the integration should be taken from the account where you traffic is coming from. Meaning:
☛ you are connected to the network account type-> your traffic and Campaigns should be attributed to this account;
☛ you are connected to the sub-account type-> your traffic and Campaigns should be attributed to this account.

2. Account Id value cannot consist of just numbers or just letters. It’s a combination of letters + number(s) or/and special characters which usually looks in the code like “som2ething-sc” or “example-network

3. Turn to your Taboola Account manager for the Client ID and Client secret.

4. Taboola API integration gives you the following benefits:
☛ Synchronize costs
☛ Pause: campaign, placement, creative
☛ Create automated rules

5. Costs in the Taboola Traffic channel can be updated on the level Сampaign + Placement + Geo

3. Add conversion types

  • Here is the guide on how to add conversion events in RedTrack.
  • Here is the guide on how to add conversion events in Taboola.
❢ Names of the conversion events in RedTrack and Taboola should match. Without adding the matching conversion events in Taboola, S2S Postback for Taboola may not fire.
❢ Taboola accepts conversion types (event names) typed only in small letters.

4. Create the Campaign in RedTrack with Taboola as the Traffic channel.

Once you’ve saved the Campaign changes, a click URL (your tracking link) will be automatically generated-> copy it:

5. Follow this guide to help you set up RT’s tracking link and manage settings on the Taboola side.

6. Set up the S2S Postback URL for Taboola in RedTrack

Once you’ve created a Campaign in RedTrack, S2S postback URL for passing conversion info to Taboola will be automatically added to your settings. In your Campaign update the EVENT_NAME with the one you are using with Taboola:

Set the automation and enjoy your journey with RedTrack!