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Ringba and RedTrack

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Ringba is the industry-leading inbound call tracking and analytics platform for businesses, call centers, and professional pay-per-call marketers.


  1. Add a custom tracking domain
  2. Add the tracking events
  3. Add the Traffic channel you work with
  4. Add Offer and Offer source
  5. Generate a universal tracking script
  6. (Optional) Add the Landing page
  7. Create a tracking Campaign
  1. Add a custom tracking domain
  2. Add the tracking events
  3. Add the Traffic channel you work with
  4. Add Brand and Website
  5. Create a tracking Campaign
Be precise in following the guide, and do not change/customize anything from the steps described below.

1. Install Ringba number pools.

You must have at least one Number Pool in Ringba to select it when creating the Tag.

Numbers → Manage Pools → Create number pool → fill in the needed info and press Save to apply the changes:

Refer to this article for more details on Number Pools in Ringba.

2. Create a campaign and a call tracking tag in Ringba.

✔ The Call Tracking Tag must be associated with the Publisher’s number.
Capture User Data toggle must be enabled:

3. Install Ringba call tracking tag.

Campaign → Call Tracking Tags →  Install Tag → copy the code snippet:

4. Paste the code snippet into your web page header after the RedTrack Universal tracking script:

5. Create a URL Parameter for clickid and other data.

  • Integrations → URL Parameters → Create URL Parameter → fill in the mandatory fields → Create:
Values to be put into the fields:
URL Parameter = clickid 
Reporting Menu Name  = User
Report Name = clickid

Do not change the naming; otherwise, it will not work!
  • Campaigns → choose the Campaign → URL parameters → Add URL parameter → add the parameter you’ve just created
☝ You can add multiple custom parameters to your RedTrack Offer URL, and all of them will be captured by Ringba in Tags. Here’s an example of an Offer URL with additional parameters and RedTrack dynamic tokens: https://test.offer.com?clickid={clickid}&country={country}

☝ Creating a new URL Parameter will automatically create a relevant dynamic token, [tag:User:clickid], which can be used later for RedTrack S2S postback.

☝Additionally, you can use this data for routing logic in the Ringba platform by applying Tag Routing Filters.
With the Call Tracking Tag installed, Ringba will automatically catch the clickid and other data included in the URL Parameters. It can be found by the path Reporting → pick a date → filter the needed parameter → scroll down to the section Call Details → Tags:

6. Set up RedTrack clickid transfer for no-redirect tracking.

Copy the script below and paste it into the web page body:

(window._rgba_tags = (window._rgba_tags || [])).push({ type: "User", track_attempted: "yes" });
  var intervalId = setInterval(() => {
  if (window.rtkClickID != undefined) {
   (window._rgba_tags = (window._rgba_tags || [])).push({ type: "User", clickid: window.rtkClickID });
   console.log("Just ran the rtkClickID script to add Ringba tags: ", window.rtkClickID);
  } else {
   console.log("rtkcid not defined yet");
}, 500);
If the clickid wasn’t recorded, perhaps the scripts are running at different speeds. To fix this, move the Call Tracking Tag script on the web page from the head to the body:

7. Create Ringba Pixels for RedTrack S2S postback events.

Integrations → Pixels → Create Pixel → fill in the mandatory fields → save the added pixel → add it to your Campaign:

Example of the correct RedTrack postback URL syntax: 

For the correct RedTrack-Ringba tracking, it is essential to add the clickid token. That being said, RedTrack also supports many other dynamic parameters such as sum for conversion payout, type for conversions type you would like to record in Redtrack, etc. See the full list here.
Ringba supports many additional dynamic tokens as well. Click here to review the list of tokens available on Ringba.
Postback will send conversion data to Redtrack only if the following criteria are met:

✔ RedTrack’s clickid is recorded 
✔ Ringba Pixel contains clickid=[tag:User:clickid]
✔ Ringba Pixel contains RedTrack conversion type=name

You can check if the postback was fired in ReportsCall DetailsEventsPixel Fire:

8. (optional) Pass the conversion payout or use custom conversion events with tag filters.

Ringba Pixel can also be adjusted for passing conversion payout or using custom conversion events with tag filters. Follow the corresponding tab for details:

In Ringba, two tokens can be used for the conversion payout:

[Call:ConversionPayout] – the payout a Publisher is credited for each conversion.

[Call:ConversionAmount] – the actual revenue of the conversion.

The sum parameter can also be matched with the hardcoded value of the conversion, for example, sum=10. Then, each postback-reported conversion will be recorded in RedTrack with 10 revenue.

If you need to fire the S2S postback with the conversion revenue (Conversion Amount token), switch the Fire Pixel On field to Converted. Once the conversion event from the Routing Plan is reached, S2S postback will be fired, reporting the Conversion revenue to RedTrack.

In other scenarios, the S2S postback will still be fired, but the [Call:ConversionAmount] token won’t be replaced with the actual conversion revenue (in such case, you can enter the required value manually with the sum parameter).

Check out this Ringba guide for setting up your pixel via Call Flows to pass the conversion payout.

Using Ringba’s Advanced Options for your pixels gives you the ability to use custom conversion events by Tag Filters in your request.

When configuring a Ringba Pixel:

1. Advanced Options → GET for the HTTP Method:

2. Under Tag Filters, you can specify how and when the pixels should be fired.

For example, you could set a Tag Filter for the pixel only to fire when the Call Length is greater than 45 seconds:

With all the elements set up correctly, when a visitor clicks through your RedTrack campaign funnel, Ringba’s Tracking Tag will capture the RedTrack clickid value from the Offer URL and save it in Ringba’s Reporting. Once the call converts (or other action that triggers S2S postback happens), RedTrack S2S postback will be fired, sending the conversion details to RedTrack.