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Tracking listicles

Listicle in affiliate marketing is a landing page with a list of different offers on it, usually with some kind of extra detail to each item. Each offer has a separate button and leads to a different product. Thus, if you have a landing page that contains links to multiple Offers with a separate button each, you can track their performance in RedTrack.

To set up listicle tracking act as follows:

1. Add your landing page → within landing page settings choose the type Listicle landing:

2. Add your offers to RedTrack→ create a Campaign → within campaign settings add the target landing page and the offers to the funnel:

3. Go to your landing page editor and add separate LP click URLs to the CTA buttons for each offer accordingly. The template will be as follows and can be found in the added landing page settings anytime:

For example, if you have 3 offers, you need to add 3 click URL links to your landing page code:

In this case, RedTrack will redirect any visitor to the corresponding offer depending on what CTA button was chosen. 

The number of offers in the campaign settings should equal the number of click URLs (your.tracking.domain/click/1) you put on your landing page. The order of your offers in the funnel settings should correspond to the links (your.tracking.domain/click/1) with numbers you add to your landing page.