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Auto update cost

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Auto update cost feature: what it is and how it works

“Auto update cost” feature allows you to receive your cost data directly from the traffic channel via the API. It means there is no need to use any macros or update costs manually each time. It has the following advantages:

  • Costs are updated not in real-time but several times a day with a frequency from 1 up to 30 minutes on the CampaignAdset, and Ad levels. Update of frequency and level depends on your subscription plan;
  • Auto-update cost feature presupposes smart automation, so if you have 2 or 3, or 100, 200, or 300 campaigns in your Google or Facebook account,  you don’t have to create the same amount of campaigns in RedTrack as our smart automation can attach your traffic channel campaigns costs to 1 RedTrack campaign;
  • No additional settings are required. Integrate your traffic channel, and we will take your campaign IDs from the traffic channel and attach the cost data accordingly.

How to apply the “Auto update cost” feature

In order to use this feature you have to:

1. See if your Traffic channel is eligible for tracking costs in the auto-update mode. To do that see if your Traffic channel is mentioned here and act accordingly:

  • if yes, proceed with step 2
  • if no, then this feature is not available to you

2. Go to your Traffic channel and set the needed levels of “Cost update depth” and “Cost update frequency“:



If your Traffic channel is eligible for all 3 levels: Campaign, Adset, and Ad, but there is a lock next to it, it means that this level of cost update depth is not included in your subscription plan:

In order to get this level, please contact support@redtrack.io.

3. Once you’ve set the cost update depth and frequency-> create a Campaign with the integrated Traffic channel and within the Campaign settings turn on the toggle “Auto update costs“:



Auto update feature works well for Campaigns with CPM or CPC cost models. Using this feature with CPA or RevShare cost models will cause data discrepancies.

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