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Changelog: August-October 2023

Ads manager:

  • Acquisition report tab was renamed into Ads manager.
  • Added the possibility of sorting out the columns.
  • Removed the “don’t show costs” toggle.

Traffic channels: added feature to change the depth of cost update. Follow this guide for details on the cost auto-update feature.

Campaign report:

  • Added a tooltip for grouping by hours. It shows correct data only in the account timezone.
  • Added a new column “Domain” which depicts the custom tracking domain used for a campaign.

Multi-user access feature: added the possibility to search for an object; changed the logic of adding objects for multiaccess. Follow this guide for details on the multi-user access feature.

Reports section:

  • Added a new tab (report subtype) “IP Report” which serves for grouping the data by IP.
  • Added the possibility of aligning the data in the tables under the columns as per user needs (compact, standard, comfortable).


  • Added the possibility for the user to save the default set of columns.
  • Added the button to select and cancel the columns in bulk.
  • Added the “Profit” column to the set of default columns.

Rules: added metrics Total CPA, default type CPA, custom type CPA, ROAS, ROAS%, EPC, CR %, CPC,  LP CTR% to the Add Frequency “Last” type of rule.

Landing page form UI was updated.

Campaigns: added new field “Final URL suffix parameters” for campaigns with Google Ads traffic channel.


  • Added an “Order” column to the Logs by Conversions. It contains order numbers from Shopify.
  • Added a “Campaign ID” column to the Logs by Conversions and Clicks.

API postbacks: added new column “Destination“. It shows the data on conversions sent by RT from different sources to the pixel if a Facebook pixel is added at the offer level.

Shopify: added a new conversion type “BuyNow”.

Publisher panel:

  • Added 2 more grouping filters to the Campaign report. Now the limit by grouping is 5.
  • Added conversion subs to Conversion logs.
  • Added possibility to set individual % for certain publishers within the Referral program. Follow this guide for details.
  • Disabled the button on publisher creation, if there is no added Whitelabel first.

Customer journey report:

  • Added column and filter by “Web-sites“.
  • Added “First touch” and “Last touch” filers and columns to the report.

Dashboard UI was updated.