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Multi-timezone support

Changelog: November-December 2023

➲ Table settings in reports:

  • The adjusted width of the columns is saved automatically.
  • Added the possibility to pin any number of columns on the left and right sides of the report table.
  • Added the Table reset button which allows users to reset the table settings (column width, density, and column pin-ups).

СAPI FB pass parameter state:

  • When transferring the conversion, RedTrack transfers the state for the USA.
  • Updated the country transmission format to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.

TikTok integration:

  • Added the possibility to choose the needed Ad account in TikTok traffic channel template.
  • Added the possibility to set the Pause and Restart rule on the Campaign/Adset/Ad level for TikTok users within RedTrack.
  • TikTok was added to Ads Manager.


  • Added a new Parallel tracking type column to the Campaign report for tracking the status of parallel tracking campaigns.
  • Added new Grouping filters to the reports.
  • Added the possibility to create report templates for all 4 reports.
  • Added the option to clear unnecessary filters in bulk.