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RedTrack.io provides privacy friendly and compliant tracking

Changelog: March 2022

  • Custom payouts: possibility to set custom payout on Campaign level based on os + geo filters and conversion subs
  • Duplicated LP clicks fixed: when clicking /click severals times on the Landing page, only one click gets to RedTrack.io
  • Events overspends (clicks, LPs, conversions) are counted now. Possibility to count overspends by Impressions for certain subscription plans
  • ROAS indicator is now depicted as a column
  • Bing auto costs update: bugfix on not actual costs after 8 PM. We check the cost one more time the next day
  • Google button instead of Connect in integrations was added
  • Publisher panel: e-mails on/off: possibility to switch on/off automatic letters for publishers
  • AOV (average order value) value is available in Reports
  • Video tutorial was added to RedTrack youtube channel: Adding a custom tracking domain to RedTrack.