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“Scale” & “Schedule” rules

Changelog: March-April 2024

Introduced the solution for HighLevel users to add RT Webhook URL and clickid via the Workflows tab.

➲ Snapchat CAPI update: introduced the possibility to configure CAPI on the Offer/Website level.

Implemented IPv6 support beside dual stack integrations. A new format of IP addresses can be found in the click logs.

Updates in RedTrack Reports:

  • Coupon” grouping in the Offer report.
  • Entry page without UTM” grouping in the Traffic channel report.

Updated UI: Campaigns, Traffic channels, Offer sources, Offers, Brands, Websites. Major action buttons were moved to the top right corner.

Introduced the possibility to connect the Google MCC Account to send conversions to it instead of the Google Ads Account (if needed).

Added the possibility to export Conversion path report data.