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Smart attribution

Changelog: January-February 2024

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2 new roles Rt role 1 and Rt role 2 were added to the Traffic channel role settings. Added the possibility to filter data in reports by these roles.

Auto update costs toggle was made active by default for campaigns with such traffic channels as Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok and Bing.

Added the possibility to do a partial search in the Reports.

Added templates for popular reports in the Reports tab:

  • For Affiliates it’s campaign performance report only: data grouped nested campaigns, adsets, ads.
  • For Advertisers it’s Campaign performance, Web-site / web-store cross campaign performance and Unattributed traffic analysis reports. Each report type can be filtered by the relevant data slices.

Implemented solutions for RedTrack clients using Shopify and:

  • Recharge subscriptions
  • Other platforms (Appstle, Skio, etc.)

Added the possibility to delete funnel templates.

Carried out the work on the optimization of the API cost update in Google.

New “Hashed placement” roles/macros were added to the following RedTrack instances:

  • Traffic channel: added macro {rt_placement_hashed} + role RT placementhashed.
  • Offer/ Website: added macros rt_placement_hashed={rt_placement_hashed}.
  • Reports: added grouping by the Rt Placement Hashed parameter.

A Notes column has been added to the set of columns available for generating the Campaigns report.

RedTrack became integrated with Snapchat via CAPI.