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Forced publisher attribution for multi-channel campaigns

Changelog: May 2022

  • Bugfix: missing Report button was restored in the tabs Traffic sources, Offers, Offer source
  • Bugfix publisher panel: Payouts feature can now be enabled, Publisher revenue was added to the Reports by Publishers
  • Bugfix: the ability to sort Reports given %, fractions, and payouts
  • Bugfixes in Logs: elaborated tooltips for errors in Logs by Conversion APIclickid filter in Logs by Conversions is now up and running
  • Bugfix: Time zone of the account is now visible and it’s possible to change to the client’s needs
  • Changes in terms of new RedTrack UI: Conditional postback functionality was migrated to the new RedTrack UI, Cached data toggle was added to the new UI, Fraudscore functionality was added to the Traffic source templates
  • Bugfix: the Campaign report’s data gets saved when choosing a Template and pressing the “Apply/Refresh” button
  • Bugfix: possibility to save S2S Postback for For publishers changes
  • Added a tooltip for the campaign cost models (CPC vs RevShare / CPA)
  • Bugfix: Offers in the Funnels can be chosen from the dropdowns
  • Added possibility to set an alias for Traffic source templates
  • Clicks from Corporate FaceBook Traffic (Detect Moderators) are not shown in Reports
  • Bugfix: calculation of Publisher Revenue for conversion tracking is implemented by the Traffic source currency, not the Offer’s
  • Bugfix: LP views column in the Reports by Offers now shows a valid value instead of N/A
  • Bugfix: all the subid parameters can be viewed when creating a new Traffic source
  • Tracking options section was added to Campaigns allowing users to choose the preferred Redirect type from the dropdown. For more details go to article Adding a Campaign.