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Changelog: April 2022

  • RedTrack toolbar sections Tools and Logs were reorganized and updated: Conversion API was renamed into API Postbacks
  • New Google app API integration released
  • When adding the filters button Apply\Refresh is applied once your press Enter on the keyboard
  • Bug with Custom payout functionality is fixed: the inserted data is saved and shown in the window
  • Save changes button was added to the top of the pop-up page
  • Publisher panel: Payout section is now available for editing
  • Сustom payout option was customized. 2 combos were added: Type/Geo/ Convsub and Type/Convsub
  • Introduced the feature which allows to test various complex funnels. See more at Landing page click parameters tracking
  • New stat columns were added to the Publisher panel: Serial number, Payment date, Status
  • Added the tooltip for cached data switch
  • Fixed the bug with O (zero) value in Payout column during the Conversion Logs Export
  • Fixed a bug with the toggle Show conversions by click time 
  • Stats no longer show clicks on the ads from Corporate FaceBook Traffic (Detect Moderators)