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“Scale” & “Schedule” rules

Changelog: October 2021

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  • Requirements for user account passwords were refined
  • All the parameters when requesting statistics for publishers with last hour period now work correctly
  • Link for Traffic Source editing was added to the outdated integration letter
  • Reporting portal page: wrong title in the meta tag fixed
  • Cross-browser attribution: dedicated Organic traffic template added, fingerprint formatting changed
  • Bing ads: data from Bing conversions are logged now
  • Elasticsearch: postback logs adjusted
  • Order of parameters in tracking URL at Publisher is now shown correctly
  • Сustom referral Link for MLM
  • Postback tracking parameters roles: additional postback parameters to send to Facebook (ZIP, Date_of_Birth, Content_Ids, Contents, content_name, content_category)
  • Incorrect logic when generating conversions fixed
  • Helper text postback mods (like in Offer sources) were added