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GTM & Script using 1st party or 3rd party cookies

Changelog: February 2021

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  • Fingerprint/Attribution reporting (cross campaign attribution)
  • Add an option to delete white-labels for the publisher panels
  • {postbackid} macro for a conversion id
  • Offer upload fix
  • Add possibility to copy group value in reports
  • Publisher panel improvements: sign-up date and current balance
  • Facebook Conversion API improvements due to the recent policy updates:
    Action Source
    Event URL
  • Duplicate management on a global level for conversion types
  • Postback for publishers management in admin account
  • Auto optimization – V2.0: we will be choosing the best path to lead to the best result
  • Realtime facebook postbacks
  • Logs for an auto cost update
  • Custom domains can now be added only with an SSL
  • Auto optimization – visualize the path
  • Facebook cost update is 5 minutes (not for all subscription plans)
  • Rules are now available for publisher traffic sources
  • Custom postback types in shared accounts