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Changelog: April 2021

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  • Autooptimization: set weight multiplier, set learning treshold for optimize by zoneid
  • Macros for webhook in a publisher panel
    Alias = {palias}
    First Name = {pfname}
    Last Name ={plname}
    Publisher Email = {pemail}
    Publisher Id ={pubid}
  • Cost update for Facebook on different levels and different frequencies (campaign, adset, and ad level)
  • Facebook “Rate limit” error fix
  • Postback logs for Facebook, Google, and Bing
  • Multi-access restriction by campaign/traffic
  • Сustom Payouts for regular campaigns
  • Postback for FB: “split conversions” by default
  • Add connection type column in logs (clicks and conversions)
  • Facebook Payload Part 1
    New fields added:
    City: ct
    Country: country
    External ID: external_id
    Subscription ID: subscription_id
    order_id – сonversion id
  • Google auto-update costs (by adset and ad)
  • Woocommerce postback
  • CPA for Conversion Types
  • New macros:
    {convid} – id of the conversion
    {convtype – type of the conversion
  • Pre-LP / LP CTR metrics
  • FB Traffic Source set-up changes
  • FB integration: new pixel IDs can be added without connecting Business Manager