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Accurate data from Shopify, WooCommerce, ClickBank, ClickFunnels and other channels via API

Changelog: November 2020

  • Table page optimization (campaigns, offers, traffic sources, landing pages, offer sources).
  • PayPal Credit payment method added.
  • “Compare campaign data” feature.
  • Set account manager for publishers.
  • Separate statistics for multi-funnel campaigns (with prelandings).
  • Customizable conversion types: 2 for basic, 11 for Pro and higher.
  • Divide the “Save” button on a campaign level to “Save” and “Save and close.”
  • New settings for statistics colors.
  • Offer source grouping in reports.
  • If the fraud check is enabled,  show click reports in the main table and enable filtering based on the fraud check.
  • Attribution, Bad device, Black List, Datacenter, OK columns for click logs.
  • If MGID integration is enabled, do not count its traffic towards the event limit.
  • Traffic source multi-accounts tracking.