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Duplicate postback settings in Offer sources

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You may want to receive several different conversion types with the same click id to check your campaign performance even more effectively.  And of course, you may also want to see those conversion events separately and exclude duplicated ones on each step. Or probably you have only one event and simply want to exclude the duplicates? RedTrack can help you with any of these scenarios with the help of the Duplicate postback mode functionality.

To apply the needed duplicate postback mode act as follows:

1. Set the tracking of one or several conversion types (the way you want to see it in RedTrack).

2. Once done, proceed with the customization of your duplicate postback settings. The easiest option is to have one conversion event tracked (default) and set the global duplicate postback setting on the Offer source level-> Default duplicate postback mode-> choose the needed Mode from the dropdown:

RedTrack offers the following options:

  • Create new conversion: duplicate postback data will be added as a separate conversion.
  • Create new conversion: new or repeated: means duplicated postback data will be added as a separate conversion with different statuses: “New” for the first conversion; “Repeated” for the repeated (duplicated) conversions; “Unknown” for conversions in which this postback mode is not configured.
  • Ignore duplicate postbacks: no data will be added to the tracking report.
  • Edit conversion with new data: the original conversion will be edited with new data.
  • Keep original data, Increment payout: only conversion payout will be edited (for example, tracking subsequent sales for the same conversion).
  • Ignore duplicate Postbacks by event id: to make this mode work first you need to add rdtk_event_id={replace} to the Postback URL. It can be order id/transaction id or something of this matter by which RedTrack will implement the deduplication. Once this mode is applied, no data by the mentioned event id will be added to the tracking report.

3. For the case where you work with several conversion types, it works the same way as the main setup on the Offer source level just can be restricted to different conversion types. Follow this article to see how to set up different postback modes to conversion types.

Remember to set different postbacks on your Offer source level.

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