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Multi-timezone support

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Cost tracking

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With RedTrack you have 2 options to track your costs: statically, dynamically via the macro and dynamically via API.


The most simple way: you set the cost value in your campaign settings.

For CPC – the cost is for a click
For CPA – the cost for each conversion
For CPM (PopCPM) – the cost for 1000 impressions, it will not work for clicks
RevShare  – set the  %
Do not track  – no costs will be recorded

Once the click (conversion, impression) comes, the cost value is added.

Dynamically via the macro

If your source of traffic supports cost macro, you can receive this data dynamically with it’s help.
To do that, make sure to add the macro to your traffic source settings among with click ref id macro:

After that, both click ref id and cost macros will be added to your tracking link (or to the no-redirect script if you are using no-redirect tracking method). Make sure to use this tracking link on your traffic source side.

Check if you are using the correct cost model in your campaign settings.

Dynamically via API

This option is available for integrated traffic sources only.

API integration is active starting from Pro subscription. Here is the list of integrated traffic sources.

To enable the API cost update for an integrated traffic source, first go to your traffic source settings to integrate it (insert the required information):

After that, “Auto update costs”  feature will become available:

Enable it and save the changes.

Once enabled, you will get cost data via API several times a day.
Time zone is your RedTrack account time zone.

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