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Onboarding and on-demand pro service

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In RedTrack, we care about all our clients, and thus, support is provided to everyone (no 24 hours waiting for the first response during a working week).
There are various levels of support and services provided depending on your subscription plan, but you will never be left alone among all those complex funnels and settings – we are here to help you.

For the cases where you may need one-time help, or you decide to implement a new complex funnel and don’t know what to do, or your’re afraid to make a mistake – our team is ready to take care of everything for you.

Here is the list of additional on-demand services you may request (besides the main onboarding included in many subscription plans):

  • Campaign setup: from the very beginning with a detailed personal video or on a call together with you
  • Traffic source/affiliate network integration (we will do it for you)
  • Landing page setup assistance: help with scripts implementation inside the page code or for various landing page builders
  • Remote setup assistance and check via Teamviewer
  • GTM implementation and support
  • Publisher panel/reporting portal setup
  • Domain and SSL certificate integration and setup
  • Complex funnels setup (several landing pages in a row, extended conversion events tracking on different pages)
  • External tools integration assistance (Shopify, CRMs, etc.)
  • Help with the implementation of any scenario from here.
  • Research and implementation help for non-standard flows
  • Personalized scripts creation and implementation
  • New features development and implementation
  • Assistance with moving the data, bulk upload (offers, campaigns)

Please contact your Product Specialist or support@redtrack.io for more information on the price and terms of provision.

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