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ClickFunnels and RedTrack: guide for Affiliates

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

ClickFunnels is an online tool for building high-converting websites and sales funnels.

The guide below is meant for Affiliates, as in this setup ClickFunnels setup is used  for landing pages.

To integrate ClickFunnels with RedTrack act as follows:

Settings on the RedTrack side

1. Add your Offer and Offer source to RT.

2. Add the needed Traffic channel to RT.

3. Add a custom tracking domain.

4. Create a Campaign in RT.

5. Create a universal tracking script.

Settings on the ClickFunnels side

6. Add the tracking link from your RT Campaign to the Tracking code section in ClickFunnels

Expand to see how to navigate in ClickFunnels and find the Tracking code section there

6.1 Go to the tab ClickFunnels-> Funnels-> choose the needed funnel:

6. 2 On the needed Sales page click Edit page:

6.3 Go to Settings-> Tracking code:

6.4 Add the tracking link from your RT Campaign here:

You choose the tracking link from this section of the Campaign settings (campaign you created within step 4):

The type of tracking link you choose (redirect/no-redirect/impressions) depends on your needs. Nevertheless, if you need the universal tracking link, keep in mind that the tab Universal script has only tracking parameters, thus to have a legit tracking link you need to take the universal tracking script (created within step 5)+ these tracking parameters from the Universal script tab in your Campaign settings.

7. When adding the needed element to your landing page form remember that there can be an issue with adding an Image (whether it’s just a picture or some text in this picture)

Expand to see how to add the image to your ClickFunnels landing page without issues

7.1 Add the Custom JS/HTML element:

7.2 Once it’s added, navigate to this element-> press Settings:

7.3 Press Open code editor:

7.4 Paste the code of your picture in the following format, but replace the domain for /click link with your actual domain and add the actual image URL:
<a href=“https://trk.domain.com/click”><center><img src=“https://image.url/image-folder/Image1.jpg”></center></a>

Check out this video explanation on the Image issue.