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Natifico unites professional affiliates, high-quality traffic sources, and reliable advertisers. They operate based on CPI and CPL models and launch downloads, extensions, installs, sweepstakes, casino, dating, and game offers.
Their mission is to build bridges for intercommunication between these elements, so the advertisers can receive high-quality conversions and the affiliates and publishers can be generously paid.

1. Add Natifico template to RedTrack

Go to the Offer Sources  -> New  -> find Natifico​ -> Add the template:

2. The Postback URL​ for Natifico will be automatically generated:

3. Copy the Postback link for further implementing it on the Natifico side and click Save:

4. Setting up the Postback URL in Natifico.

Login to your Natifico account -> Offers:

Select the offer you want to promote -> click the Get link button:

The Postback settings will be available at the bottom of the page: Your postbacks -> Global postback:

Click on the Add postback button ->add RedTrack Postback URL in the appropriate field and save it:

5. Obtaining the Natifico offer URL.

Open the offer information tab and add RedTrack {clickid} parameter as Sub1 -> copy Natifico Tracking link and go back to RedTrack:

6. Add Natifico link as an offer in RedTrack.

Offers -> New:

Fill in the info -> add Natifico tracking link as the URL -> Save:

7. Create a сampaign in RedTrack.

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