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Performance marketing analytics & automation for post-cookies era

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Leadbit is a direct advertiser in Europe, Asia and worldwide affiliate network. They always care about their partners, which is why the platform offers only the best performing campaigns. To provide you with the best quality of offers, they’ve decided to handle everything by themselves, meaning most of the Leadbit offers are not resale, but own in-house campaigns. With more than 5 years on the market, Leadbit made a strong brand that can help you make a real profit.

1. Add Leadbit template to RedTrack.

Go to Offer Sources -> New > find Leadbit -> Add the template:


2. The postback URL for Leadbit will be as follows:

3. Copy the postback for further implementation on the Leadbit side and Save the changes.

4. Set the postback URL in Leadbit:

Log into your Leadbit account and open the Offers tab. Click on the Create Tracking URL button on the offer to open the settings tab:

In Leadbit, {sub1} parameter is used for postbacks. Fill in the postback URL fields (we recommend using

individual postback for each conversion status):

Fill in the offer name, select your traffic source from the drop-down menu or add a new one and save the flow.

5. Obtain the Leadbit offer:

You will be redirected to the Tracking URL section. The link needs to be adjusted in order to enable tracking with RedTrack.

Click the link icon and add the tracking parameter to the sub1 field. For RedTrack it’s {clickid}. The link will be updated automatically. Copy your unique tracking link to the clipboard.

6. Add Leadbit offer to RedTrack.

Open Offers -> New:

7. Fill in the info -> add Leadbit offer link in the URL field -> add the tracking parameters “sub1={clickid}” at the end of the offer URL -> Save the changes:

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