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20+ traffic channels supported with API integrations

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What’s Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a growth marketing platform that helps you deliver more personalized experiences across owned marketing channels like email, SMS, in-app notifications, and web. Go to https://www.klaviyo.com/ to learn more about this app.

How to track Klaviyo campaigns?

To set up Klaviyo tracking with RedTrack you’ll need to create a campaign with Klaviyo Traffic channel in RedTrack and add the tracking parameters generated within this campaign to the Klaviyo platform.

Settings on the RedTrack side

1. Add your Offer source/Brand to RedTrack

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1.1 on the main RedTrack menu choose the tab Offer source/Brand-> press New from scratch-> give your source a name-> press Save:

2. Add your Offer/Website to RedTrack

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At the moment new Offer/Website form is being introduced to the RT UI. While a new article on the matter is being created, please check out this video on how to add your Offer/Website to RT.

3. Add a custom Traffic channel named Klaviyo in RedTrack

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3.1 on the main RedTrack menu go to the tab Traffic channels-> choose the option New from scratch:

3.2 give your Traffic channel a name-> press Save:

4. Create a Campaign in RedTrack with the added Klaviyo Traffic channel

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4.1 create a campaign with the Klaviyo Traffic channel which you’ve added within step 3. Use this guide explaining how to create a campaign in RT.

4.2 once the campaign is saved, go to the section Tracking links and parameters-> choose the tab Tracking parameters (UTMs)-> copy the tracking parameters from there to place them later in your Klaviyo account:

Settings on the Klaviyo side

5. Go to your Klaviyo account and add the UTM parameters from RedTrack there

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5.1 click your account name in the top-right corner of your profile-> select Account in the dropdown menu:

5.2 go to the tab Settings-> choose the UTM tracking option from the dropdown menu:

5.3 once you are there, click the button Add a custom UTM parameter:

5.4 add the tracking parameters copied from step 4.2 and paste them as demonstrated on the screen:


Your tracking parameters from the RT campaign are cmpid=63ada5800b23b6000158b535. So you put the “cmpid” part to the UTM Parameter field and put 63ada5800b23b6000158b535 to the Campaign Email Value and Flow Email Value fields next to the “cmpid” part:


Click here to learn more about UTM tracking in Klaviyo.

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