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Various tracking scenarios

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Being more experienced in affiliate marketing, you may need to have the possibility to use various tracking scenarios for a better conversion rate or to conduct more complex tests, or simply to make your funnel unique and more attractive. In this article, we will cover some of them and provide the guidelines.


Some of the scenarios below are not supported by RedTrack Support. Knowledge of web design languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript is required. We suggest hiring an expert if you are not comfortable proceeding with the following tutorial on your own.

Personal website traffic

If you have your website, it might be useful to have the possibility to track it properly – incoming traffic, page views, page clicks, etc.
It is possible with RedTrack. You will need to use our direct traffic tracking feature: your website will be a landing page in that case, and the partner offer (or only the page following the call to action button or just one of the pages on your website if you want to know how many visitors click to read this or that article) will be the offer in RedTrack settings.

Use this guide to set your campaign.

No-redirect tracking with multiple traffic sources on the same page

We have a ready-to-use script for the cases where you want to use the same landing page for several different campaigns with no redirect tracking. More detailed info on how this can be done is here.

Promoting partner products on your website

This option is useful for those who need to link the incoming and outcoming traffic and provide your partner with the click data from the traffic source. This is the option for those who work with some external offers (from affiliate networks or direct advertisers).

Use this guide to set your campaign.

Replacement of S2S integration when your partner does not support it

A unique script was designed to work with click ids and the cases where you need to track conversions. The script stores the initial click id in a cookie, and then, when the conversion happens,  we return this click id.

Once fire conversion

This script does not allow to generate a conversion from the same visitor based on the set rules.

Postback script instead of  a postback pixel for your site

This script is available in your account: Tools -> Conversion tracking -> Postback script.

The working principle is simple – the script instead of a pixel is fired, which is more secure and accurate.

First-click attribution / last-click attribution

We do have an option to attribute your conversions to either first or last click based on your needs.

All those scripts and features are already available and ready to use. Contact your product specialist to help you with the implementation.

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