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Add a custom conversion type for Facebook

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What is a custom conversion for Facebook?

Some of you use standard Facebook conversion events such as Purchase, Lead or PageView. Why is it called a standard event? Facebook knows, recognizes, and accepts those names as they are commonly used. Those standard conversion events will be available in the list when you are setting up your aggregated events measurement

But some use custom conversion event names like Newsale, Recharge, TrialC, etc. Those events are to be verified inside your Facebook account before you will be able to choose them in your aggregated events measurement section.

How to make your custom event available in the aggregated events measurement?

1. Add it to the custom conversions.

Go to Home -> Business settings -> Data sources -> Custom conversions

2. Inside custom conversion settings, add your conversion type.

Add -> Crete a custom conversion

Set the name (the one you will be receiving from RedTrack)

Choose the data source where the conversion comes from

Set the conversion event (should be a custom event from the data source)

Create the event

Once you create it, it will become available in the list

3. Go back to your events manager and set the newly added event to your pixel.

Go to your aggregated events measurement -> Configure Web Events -> Manage Events

Choose a Custom Conversion type and the conversion we have recently created

Submit the changes, and you are all set

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